Updated: Students remain concerned about mold in Osprey Hall

Julia Croston, Student Government Reporter

(Updated Nov. 30, 1:00 pm)

Originally, UNF Housing responded to student complaints about mold in the dorms believing the mold was misidentified. After, students shared more photos and information regarding mold and other issues. Spinnaker reached out to UNF Housing Director Robert Boyle for a statement in response to the recent concerns and photos from Osprey Hall. 

Beginning his statement, Boyle recommended that concerned students submit a maintenance request pertaining to any issues in the resident hall communities or specific rooms. Maintenance requests can be submitted here.  

Addressing student claims about the slow speed of maintenance, Boyle wrote: “In all housing areas there are times when things need repair or replacement. When these issues arise we work as rapidly as possible to make a repair/replacement. Some repairs may be quick but others may take some time based on replacement part(s) availability or the need to bring in a 3rd party contractor to assist.”

Boyle continued his statement addressing the specific photos previously shared by students from the second floor of Osprey Hall. 

The air vent on the second floor of Osprey Hall, courtesy of anonymous student.

“My staff and I would be happy to inspect this specific vent/duct area and address any issue. This specific vent appears to be in a room but I would need the room number. The student(s) should feel free to contact me directly,” Boyle wrote.  

A wet ceiling tile found in Osprey Hall.

“This bathroom ceiling tile is clearly in one of the 12 community restroom areas.  This issue was addressed. Not sure how old the picture is but this is not a current maintenance/custodial issue,” wrote Boyle.  

The broken handlebar in question.

“This is a shower soap dish on the 2nd floor in one of the community restrooms. The replacement part we need to make the repair has been ordered.  Once it arrives the repair will be made,” Boyle explained.  

“I would be happy to speak to any resident about any concern with regard to housing. My direct contact information is [email protected] / (904) 620-4661,” he concluded. 

This is an update, the original article continues below.

Recently, UNF Housing Director Robert Boyle responded to student claims of mold growth in the dorms, however, students are still concerned about the current living situation. Boyle believes students may be misidentifying mold, and recommends students to reach out to maintenance for any issues. Spinnaker spoke with a student who lives in Hall to discuss mold and other quality issues. 

The student, who wished to remain anonymous, shared information on several issues in Hall from her own experience and the experiences of others. The vents appear to have mold growing inside increasing student concern. Even if it is not mold, the students believe the vents should be cleaned. 

The air vent on the second floor of Osprey Hall, courtesy of anonymous student

Shower curtains have mold growth from the large amount of moisture in the communal bathrooms. The student believes the curtains should be replaced, especially since they are cheap. As another issue in the bathrooms, ceiling tiles collect water and frequently drip on students. 

A wet ceiling tile found in Osprey Hall, courtesy of anonymous student

According to the same student, most residents in Hall are constantly sick with a cough, occasional throat pain, and migraines. Students believe the mold is increasing health issues and lowering the quality of Hall. 

“Everyone’s sick all the time, and I think it’s because of the mold… It’s the coughing and the migraines I think are the most notable things everybody has,” the student explained. 

She expressed that something always seems to be broken in Hall. The air conditioning in her dorm was broken for four days, doors get stuck open, and the elevator recently broke. Students believe maintenance, while helpful, takes too long to solve problems that may need immediate attention. 

“Some residents have to beg them for fixing mold problems, cleaning vents, fixing the mold in the showers. There was a broken handlebar in the shower and it got a bunch of water inside and there was mold in it since the beginning of the school year. It just recently got fixed,” the student clarified. 

The broken handlebar in question, courtesy of anonymous student

Residents have moved out of Hall because of the mold and other quality issues. Despite the option to move, the students believe issues in Hall should be fixed to avoid the moving process and a more expensive dorm.  

“Some people did move out actually because of the mold. I had a floormate at the end of the hall who moved to Crossings because of the mold. So, they will accommodate if you beg enough, but… We’re still paying for somewhere that’s still livable,” she concluded. 

Another student shared a photo of a leak stating yellow liquid has been dripping from the ceiling. Maintenance said the issue was not mold, but the student remains concerned. 

If concerned about mold or other housing issues, students should file a maintenance request or reach out to Housing Director Robert Boyle at [email protected].


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