The Bachelor: Episode 5 recap

Mallory Pace, Reporter

This episode kicked off with a one-on-one date card, and Serene was the lucky girl. Serene and Clayton had the entire Pleasure Pier in Galveston, Texas, all to themselves. They spent the entire day releasing their inner child through rollercoasters and carnival games, where Clayton even admitted he could see himself with Serene at the end of this. 

The couple proceeded to dinner where they were able to get to know each other more. Serene opened up about her family losses in recent years, including her younger cousin who struggled with drug addiction. Their deep conversation made Clayton appreciate not only her vulnerability to share that with him, but also her strength to get through it. The romantic night ended with a lovely red rose. 

Back at the house, the girls began getting ready for the cocktail party and rose ceremony. Once again, tensions were high with Shanae still being around after her actions from last week.

Clayton asked the winning team from the last group date to go and talk with him about what went down at the afterparty. The women told him about Shanae’s continuous immature behavior, including her throwing the trophy into the pond.

Clayton then pulled Shanae aside to talk. Instead of making the rational decision to send her home, considering all the drama and turmoil she has created, Clayton pretty much just asked her to apologize. She pathetically apologized to the women as a group and showcased plenty of tears for them to see. “I know I’ve said some things that I didn’t mean, but I am really sorry and hope we can get past this,” she pleaded.

A few of the women openly accepted her apology and just wanted to move on. Immediately, Shanae reported back to Clayton to tell him how well it went. But, of course, she didn’t actually mean any of that.

“That was the hardest thing I have ever had to do; apologize to people that I wasn’t sorry for… I need an Oscar award for that performance. I never thought I’d have to compete this hard for one man,” Shanae said.

At the rose ceremony, emotions were running high and there was still a clear consensus that the women wanted Shanae to be sent home, but Clayton decided to let her stay. He sent home Sierra, Lyndsey, and Jill, but the show must go on. Clayton announced the next stop of their international, extravagant journey will be just across the border in Toronto, Canada. 

Once they arrived, a one-on-one date card arrived and invited Gabby. The date consisted of a helicopter ride and a lot of laughter. At dinner, Gabby talked about her insecurities of being in a relationship due to her complicated relationship with her mother. Her genuineness and bubbly personality won her a rose from Clayton, who seemed very smitten over her. “She could be my future wife,” he confessed.

Another group date card arrived, excluding two names: Shanae and Genevieve. This means there will be a 2 on 1, where one woman will be sent home.

The group date was hosted by stand-up comedian and roast champion, Russell Peters; so of course, the date revealed itself as a classic roast. The women did not hold back, even roasting Shanae who wasn’t even there. “Shanae is like a herpes outbreak, keeps coming back and lasts longer than expected.” Malena said. Serene also joked she was “honored to be on Shanae’s season of The Bachelorette.” It was kept mostly light-hearted between the women, except at the shots at Shanae. 

At the afterparty, the women enjoyed a drama-free night talking with Clayton and continued to build their relationships. Clayton ultimately gave the group date rose to Rachel, who he had been thinking about constantly. 

The episode ended with Shanae and Genevieve arriving at their two-on-one date at Niagara Falls, where someone’s journey will end. Hopefully, this date will be the eye opener for Clayton to see through Shanae’s act.

The sixth episode of ‘The Bachelor’ will premiere on Feb. 14.


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