Police Beat: Fraud and a stop sign thief

Lauren Fox, General Assignment Reporter

Online Fraud Leads to Death Threats

An online scammer threatened someone’s life Wednesday morning, March 2, after the alleged scammer emailed nine checks totaling $5,000 to the victim, with instructions for them to deposit the checks into an account, said a campus police report. 

The victim was told they should deposit $4,000 into an account so it could be sent to an orphanage, and that they could keep the remaining $1,000. Initially, the victim began to deposit the checks, but then grew suspicious, said police. 

When the victim told the scammer they would reverse the funds, the victim began to receive threats via email.

“I am pleased to inform you that we have been paid to assassinate you,” read an email sent to the victim, according to a police report. “IF YOU FAIL TO RETURN THE MONEY BACK RN YOU GONNA LOSE YOUR LIFE.”

Photos of two masked people holding automatic weapons and people with fatal wounds were attached to the email, said the report. 

Shortly after, the victim received an iMessage from a person claiming to be the director of the FBI, saying that they should return the money.

A police investigation is currently underway. 

Stop Sign Theft

A stop sign was stolen in front of the Fine Arts Center parking garage on March 1, according to a police report. The suspects were found by police in a room in Osprey Cove with the stop sign and a broken pole propped on the bed. 

A witness took a video of the theft, identifying four suspects, two of whom were Osprey Cove residents, said the report. 

Efforts have been made to repair the stop sign. 


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