Club Spotlight: Osprey Robotics

Nathan Turoff, Features Editor

The University of North Florida (UNF) College of Computing, Engineering and Construction held a showcase with Osprey Robotics last month, inviting all sorts of professionals to a presentation demonstrating the latest innovations in robotic technology. This also served to broadcast all the achievements Osprey Robotics has done in its less than five-year existence.

The Osprey Robotics Showcase
The Showcase, photo courtesy of Osprey Robotics

But how did they reach this point of accomplishment? According to club treasurer Jason Branch, Osprey Robotics started in 2018 as an offshoot of other clubs, focused solely on robotic construction. 

“[We] exist to introduce people to the hobby of robotics and to further interest,” Branch remarked.

He explained how there is a lot of stigmas regarding robotics, and the club aims to remedy that. They try to teach people and will accept any members regardless of skill level.

Osprey Robotics Tabling
Osprey Robotics tabling at Market Days, photo courtesy of Osprey Robotics

Obviously working with robotics requires space and money, and Osprey Robotics has both. They have their own lab in room 3317 on the 3rd floor of Building 4, Skinner Jones Hall. And for the finances, they are funded by the Student Government. They also do outreach, securing sponsors in the local and professional community. This has led to them entering plenty of competitions and events hosted by NASA and other relevant entities in the robotics community.

As for how interested students can get involved, Branch recommends following the club on social media and/or joining their Perch Portal. He encouraged joining their Discord as well, as it is their primary source of communication between members.

Osprey Robotics Lab
Osprey Robotics working in their lab, photo courtesy of Osprey Robotics

Osprey Robotics held their first meeting of the Fall Semester on September 23, with the goal of potentially weekly meetings for workshops and the like. All of this will be arranged and communicated via the aforementioned Discord.

Branch also encouraged visiting their lab in person, as someone is usually there.


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