Commentary: Inside the Huddle – Jan. 21


Josh Salman
Managing Editor
Jason Yugratis
Features Editor
Rachel Elsea
Copy Editor
Pigskin Potanken
Extreme Jaguar Fan
Question 1: After retiring in 2005, Lance Armstrong made a comeback in a charity race this past weekend in Australia. Does Armstrong still have what it takes to win the Tour De France?
I don’t know, but he was great in “You, Me and Dupree” and “Dodgeball,” so he should further pursue his acting career. Sure, he does – anything is possible with steroids. With a name like Armstrong, how could you not defeat whatever’s thrown at you? Comeback is in his vocab. You ride that bike, Lance.
Question 2: Myron Rolle, a star senior safety at FSU, has chosen to study at Oxford rather than putting his name into the NFL draft. Is Rolle’s decision to choose a Rhodes Scholarship over the NFL admirable?
It’s very admirable. He is the true definition of a student-athlete. The NFL will always be there for him, but studying at Oxford is a once in a lifetime opportunity. What a great story! Well, he was kind of underperforming at FSU. If he stays in shape, he should still get drafted next year, and there is no second chance to be a Rhodes Scholar. Of course! You have to follow your own dreams, not the crowd’s dreams. What in the world? Rolle should be drafted for the Jags; they need a new safety.
Question 3: As the Rugby Leagues returned to UNF for a second year in a row, do you think Rugby is becoming more popular in America and at UNF?
No, but it’s a great game to get drunk at and watch grown men beat the snot out of each other. Let’s be real though; it’s no football! No, rugby is still a bit of a novelty. Most Americans don’t understand it and therefore will only pay attention when there is a buzz surrounding it. I do. I’ve been hearing more about it, and it seems pretty exciting. I don’t know about more popular, but I want to see the Jags play rugby. Go Jags!
Question 4: What do you predict will be the outcome between Arizona and Pittsburgh in the Superbowl XLIII?
The Cardinals coaches know the Steelers very well, but the Steelers are the more talented team. I do think this is Cards year though. I predict Steelers 24, Cardinals 27. I’d love to say the Cardinals will shock the world with a win, but it seems more likely they will go the way of the Rays in the World Series. Hopefully, someone will at least rip out Polamalu’s hair. I just hope the commercials are better than last year! Since Arizona hasn’t been in a Superbowl since the ‘40s, they are probably going to get smacked around.

Compiled by Heather Furey.