Police Beat, Jan. 25


Jan. 17 Possible injunction order violation (Lot 5) – The complainant said she had a permanent injunction for protection against a fellow ROTC student who came within the distance prohibited by the injunction. The complainant observed the other student in the parking lot but did not make direct or indirect contact with him. She said to the officer that the injunction stipulates he cannot be parked near her, and she believed he was too close. The officer found it might have been dark when the student parked his car, causing him not to identify the complainant’s car. He said he did not recall seeing the complainant’s car upon parking. The officer advised him that additional stipulations might need to be added to the injunction to ensure the two students can park without possible violations.

Jan. 18 Criminal mischief (Arena Parking Garage) – The complainant said he had parked his vehicle on the top level of Garage 38 and that there was only one spot available. In the spot next to his, a car was positioned over the line and into the empty space. The complainant said he was worried the driver would retaliate because the vehicles were so close, so he recorded the other driver’s license plate number. Upon returning to his car, he noticed the car parked on the line was gone, and there were several small scratches on the right middle panel of his car, where there had been none before he parked. He pointed out to the officer that the scratches were in the shape of an “A.” There was no further damage reported. The registered owner of the other improperly parked vehicle agreed to meet with the officer at a later date.

Jan. 18 Seizure victim (Building 12) – A student was sitting upright on the floor when the officer arrived. A nearby student said the student appeared to have had a seizure. The student said she was all right when the officer asked her. The student’s eyes were glassy, but no other injuries were observed. The officer asked if the student had been ill and if there had been any other problems, and her responses were not in line with the questions. She seemed confused and disoriented, according to a police report. Jacksonville Fire Rescue evaluated her condition and transported her to Beaches Hospital.

Jan. 18 Theft (Construction parking lot next to Lot 18) – An employee of Ivey Mechanical said a pump was delivered Jan. 17. to the wellness center that is under construction. He said he checked the flanges needed to connect the pump after its delivery. He checked on the flanges again Jan. 18 and noticed they were missing. Each item taken weighed approximately 200 pounds. No canvass was done because of the location of the incident. No attempts were made to obtain prints because if there were any, they would have been on the items taken. The complainant said it is possible the items could be used or sold for scrap metal.

Jan. 18 Marijuana possession (Lot 18) – The caller stated a vehicle in Lot 18 had its passenger door open, and no one was around. The officer noticed the odor of burning marijuana emanating from the vehicle. The officer noticed a homemade pipe sitting in the center console. While patrolling the area, the officer saw the defendant enter the car. The officer asked if he could see the pipe, and the student handed it to him. There was marijuana residue in the pipe bowl. The officer asked if the student had any other illegal items in the vehicle, to which the student responded that he did. The student handed the officer a clear plastic bag with marijuana inside and stated he also had a grinder in his vehicle. The grinder was located and had marijuana residue inside it. The student said the marijuana and paraphernalia were his and he had been smoking it before class. The marijuana and paraphernalia were placed in the JSO Property Room, and the student was issued a Notice to Appear for possession of fewer than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. The student was referred to Student Conduct.

Jan. 19 Marijuana Possession and Use (Osprey Cove) – Two resident assistants said during their nightly rounds they smelled marijuana odor emanating from one of the rooms. The officer requested permission from the suspects to enter their room, which they granted. Upon entering the room, the complainants noticed a strong odor of marijuana. The suspects were read their rights. The officer asked the suspects if they were smoking marijuana, and they said they were not. They also said they did not have any in the room. Upon further search, the officer noticed a water bottle with marijuana residue in the garbage can. The officer asked the students if there was anything else, and they said there was another bottle on the sink that also had marijuana residue. Both suspects confessed to the drug paraphernalia. The suspects were issued a Notice to Appear. The paraphernalia was placed in the JSO Property Room. The students were referred to Student Conduct.

Jan. 20 Marijuana Possession and Use (Osprey Cove) – Two resident assistants said they smelled marijuana odor emanating from one of the rooms during their nightly rounds. The officer requested permission from the suspect to enter his room, which he granted. Upon the officer’s entry, he noticed a strong odor of marijuana. The suspect was read his rights. The suspect was asked if he was smoking marijuana in the room and he said no. The officer asked if the student had any in his room, and he handed the officer a small marijuana joint concealed in the waist of his pants. The suspect was issued a Notice to Appear. The marijuana joint was placed in the JSO Property Room. The student was referred to Student Conduct.

Jan. 23 Possible Intoxicated Student (UNF Drive near Building 47) – The officer approached the student, who was unable to maintain her balance, on foot. The student was supporting herself on an electrical green box. The officer asked the student if he could escort her back to her dormitory room, but she was unable to maintain her balance and had slurred speech. The subject refused to go upstairs to her room and could not give the officer the name of her roommate. The officer took custody of the subject and asked for permission to search her person. The officer also searched her belongings and found a small bag of marijuana. Due to the circumstances and her emotional instability, the officer placed the property in the JSO Property Room and sought psychological assistance for the student.

By: Maggie Seppi, Assistant News Editor
Source: UPD