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Candidates respond to 2012 redistricting

October 31, 2012

As early voting is under way in Florida, races for state House and Senate may not exist in the same district they did in the last election. This happens as a result of redistricting, a process in...

The 411 on Refunds

September 24, 2012

Refund checks are like tax returns for students — students depend on getting their refund quickly to pay for rent, groceries and school supplies. And it’s expensive to buy class materials, such...

Disability Resource Center aids students who live on campus

September 11, 2012

UNF didn’t say no to Sara Gaver despite her disability. Instead, UNF said it would help find the resources needed for her to live on campus, Gaver said. Gaver emailed all the universities in...

Students react to Chick-fil-A, Papa John’s possibly replacing Sbarro and Salsarita’s

September 5, 2012

Watch the video above for a full, uncut interview with Student Body President Carlo Fassi. Some UNF students just want chicken and waffle fries, while others don’t want their school paying for Chick-fil-A’s...

COEHS announces Center for Urban Education and Policy

September 3, 2012

UPDATE | Sept.  4, 2012, at 11:03 a.m. | This story has been updated to reflect the proper attribution of the 2011 report on Duval County Public Schools. A new center at the College of Education...

Counseling Center begins using pharmacogenomics testing

August 30, 2012

A new kind of research testing in genetics the UNF Counseling Center is using will help clinicians understand how their patients metabolize medications, said Rose Turner, a psychiatric nurse practitioner...

Staying smart on student loans helps deter from debt after graduation

August 20, 2012

Mario Linton took out a $7,500 loan to make it through college at UNF. For this English senior, claiming the title as the first member in his family to earn a bachelor's  counterbalances his incurred...

Interview: President Delaney discusses staying at UNF, tuition increases

July 23, 2012

UNF President John Delaney sat down with Spinnaker reporter Bonnie Mulqueen today to discuss a number of recent campus issues such as his decision to stay at UNF and the 13 percent tuition differential...

Media law attorneys: BOT’s change in meeting time violates Florida Sunshine law

July 16, 2012

The UNF Board of Trustees violated a Florida state law when it changed its scheduled meeting without reasonable public announcement June 19, said three attorneys, two of whom specialize in media law. However,...

Soderberg, UNF distinguished professor, kicks off state Senate campaign

July 5, 2012

Nancy Soderberg, a UNF distinguished professor, hosted her first campaign meeting for Florida State Senate District 4 at her home in Jacksonville Beach June 23. Soderberg, who’s running in...

Soderberg: From the Biology Lab to the White House

July 5, 2012

By Bonnie Mulqueen, Staff Reporter As a little girl, Nancy Soderberg dreamed of becoming a marine biologist and breaking the dolphin language code. However, in college, she quickly discovered...

The Most Dangerous Games: pole vaulting likeliest to lead to death, injury

May 29, 2012

Pole vaulters run at full speed, stab a 15-foot pole into the ground and thrust their entire body weight 13 feet into the air over another pole. Because of this, athletes, officials and track coaches...

UNF pole valuter competes with sprained ankle

May 27, 2012

Christina King was only introduced to pole vaulting two and a half years ago. King, a UNF communication senior, competed with a sprained ankle Friday, May 25, in the 2012 NCAA Women’s Pole Vault...

Incident on campus causes concern for dogs left in vehicles

April 8, 2012

By: Bonnie Mulqueen, Staff Reporter A UNF student called UPD Feb. 16 to report a dog being locked inside a car with no ventilation or water for almost two hours in UNF parking garage 38. Rebekah...

Music students perform ‘The Mikado’

April 6, 2012

By: Bonnie Mulqueen, Contributing Writer Dance and song will intertwine to tell the timeless tale of a forbidden love story at UNF. UNF performers, along with a full symphony orchestra, will...

Dedication ceremony honors College of Education and Human Services building addition

March 7, 2012

By: Bonnie Mulqueen, Contributing Writer   A two-story addition for UNF’s College of Education and Human Services Building was honored with a dedication ceremony March 2 at 11 a.m. in the Schultz...

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