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Daily Discovery: Jacuzzi Boys – Jacuzzi Boys

Lindsay Montgomery September 18, 2013
Jacuzzi Boys retains the lo-fi, simple chords, and song structures of garage rock while implementing Florida-esque, inspired laid-back melodies and airy vocals.

Let’s fall in love. So what if we just met?

Lindsay Montgomery April 9, 2012
Ellie M. helps you find love in all the right places.

Date Night: Make it count

Lindsay Montgomery April 6, 2012

By: Ellie M., Sex & Relationships Columnist The first date just isn’t a requisite these days. It’s not extinct, but the numbers are dwindling. Instead of asking someone on a date, you ask the...

Forever Alone: Make these changes to change your love life

Lindsay Montgomery March 22, 2012
Ellie M. helps you handle a struggling love life or lack thereof. What could you be doing wrong?

When to end a relationship: probably weeks or months ago

Lindsay Montgomery March 20, 2012

By: Ellie M., Sex/Relationship Columnist   I’ve seen too many close friends clinging to relationships that were way past their primes. It’s an easy trap to fall into. You get used to...

OneJax becomes UNF affiliate

Lindsay Montgomery February 22, 2012
The nonprofit faith organization brings interfaith programs to the university.

How to distract yourself from heartache

Lindsay Montgomery February 22, 2012
What to do when the love doesn't last? Ellie M. offers her best advice for getting out of the broken-up funk.

You’re sexy and you know it

Lindsay Montgomery February 15, 2012
Ellie M. asks readers to love their bodies and themselves.

Sex & Relationships, Feb. 1

Lindsay Montgomery February 2, 2012
One reader took Ellie's advice. Read on to find out how it went.

You’re doing it wrong

Lindsay Montgomery January 25, 2012
Ellie M. resolves your sex issues from maintaining the spark to spicing things up.

Red party announces candidates for upcoming spring elections

Lindsay Montgomery January 25, 2012
Current SG Senate President Carlo Fassi will run for student body President.

Sex & Relationships Column

Lindsay Montgomery November 16, 2011
Distance may make the heart grow fonder but it can break it into pieces, too

Sex with your roommate

Lindsay Montgomery November 9, 2011

Avoid those awkward encounters During my freshman year at UNF, my roommate came back from a night at a club just after I’d gone to bed. She wasn’t alone. And I wasn’t asleep. By the time I...

If you keep snoring, I’ll smother you

Lindsay Montgomery November 2, 2011

Looking past your other’s uglier side When a friend of mine dates a new guy, she narrows in on his vices. He chews with his mouth open. He won’t let her finish a sentence. He picks at scabs until...

Relationship Column

Lindsay Montgomery October 12, 2011
My boyfriend has graduated already, and I am still a student.
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