Sex & Relationships, Feb. 1

Lindsay Montgomery

Dear Ellie,

I really appreciated your article “You’re doing it wrong.” I especially took note of your advice to set aside time for sex in one’s relationship when both partners are very busy. My boyfriend and I have had a rough semester with opposite school, work and extracurricular schedules. It got to the point where I started penciling in “sex” in my planner for both him and I, trying to fit our extra-long “lunch break” between my internship and his job. It’s nice to know that someone considered the importance to “get busy” after an insanely busy week and that it’s actually okay when you find yourself having to schedule the dirty deed in red Sharpie in your planner (and secretly in your lover’s planner too).

Planning to get busy


Dear Planning,

I’m so happy to hear that! I love knowing my advice is making a difference to someone, somewhere — especially because I write about whatever I damn well please, most of the time. That said, what I want to write about is whatever all of YOU want to read. Luckily, you and I crossed paths this time, Planning. It’s a great idea to sneak those bright red suggestions into your partner’s planner — I’m sure he appreciates the effort you’re making, especially in light of your busy, conflicting schedules. After all, who doesn’t love to be wanted?

I hope, after all of your effort, your lover shows his appreciation by helping you unwind.

-Ellie M.