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How to get your ticket to OZ Fest

If you haven’t been watching the Osprey Productions Facebook page, you might not know about the new way to get your ticket to OZ Fest. Whereas in previous years you could simply pick up your ticket at the event venue, this year, things are a little different. Students are being […]

Demand for counseling appointments increase after death of UNF students
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Demand for counseling appointments increase after death of UNF students

The demand for counseling appointments increased with the disappearance — and subsequent death — of UNF student George Louissaint, Jr., said Counseling Center Director Andrew King. “I think it puts people on edge wondering where the [missing] person is,” King told Spinnaker two days before Louissaint’s body was found.  King […]

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Prince music now streaming

Finally, finally, finally. My day has come. Ladies and gentlemen, Prince’s entire catalog is now available to stream for the first time ever and in celebration–and remembrance–I’m going to ask that you take a walk with me. I remember the day Prince passed away, April 21, and every emotion I […]

Romance is not a new concept.

The history of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day stands as one of the most-hated and most-loved holidays. Falling on Feb. 14, couples grow excited as the prospect of a delicious and romantic dinner comes to fruition. For some, a dinner prepared together is romance. For others, an expensive steak dinner is more their forté. These dinners […]