‘Make America white again:’ Racially motivated drawings found on campus

UPDATE — 11/14/16 @ 4:56 p.m.

UNF president John Delaney released a statement about the incident on Monday evening.

“The University has always protected freedom of speech, but we won’t tolerate intimidation or threats to students, faculty, staff or campus visitors.”

Delaney also stated the university has always been proud of its diverse students, faculty and staff because of the different perspectives they bring.

Delaney asked that anyone with information about the incident call UNFPD at (904) 620-2800.

These racially charged drawings were found in the UNF Library.Photo courtesy Action News Jax
These racially charged drawings were found in the UNF Library. Photo courtesy Action News Jax

A physical facilities employee found “Make America White Again” written on a whiteboard in the Thomas G. Carpenter Library Nov. 10 around 4 a.m., according to a police report.

In one of the library’s study rooms, drawings on a dry erase board showed individuals of various ethnicities being told to return to their countries by a “musclebound character,” the report stated.

“Make America White Again” was written in large letters next to a drawing of a wall showing Mexico on one side and the words “Wall” and “Trump” on the other side, officers stated.

According to the report, the room was in use until 11 p.m., and was open to any students after that.

No video cameras are inside the study room or viewing the area, and UNFPD is still investigating the incident.

Photo courtesy Action News Jax

This comes just days after Donald Trump was elected president, and protests popped up across the nation.

Following his election Trump had to tell his supporters to “stop it,” after receiving reports across the nation of hate crimes and harassment.

Locally, someone at First Coast High School posted two handwritten signs above water fountains last week: one said “colored,” and one said “whites only.” This occurred within the same 24 hours as the drawings at UNF.

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  1. Carlos Danger

    It looks more like an anti-Trump message to me. The person doing the yelling is drawn to look like a maniac. More likely a lib than an Rep. Don’t jump the gun either way, but too many times this stuff is proven a setup.

  2. It does look like the person was trying to support people being targeted. The harassed are all calm, drawn well and say things like “I was born here” or trying to build a life, and at least one of them has a tear rolling down their face. The harassed have been humanized and are meant to evoke sympathy. The aggressor is grotesque and definitely looking less human than those being harassed. Perhaps not the clearest message but I don’t think it was trying to portray marginalized groups in a negative light.

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