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Step away from technology

It’s amazing how technology is able to take over our lives in so many ways, making us a socially inept society dependent on constant entertainment. The use of technology has been taken to the extreme as we rely on it throughout the entire week. Just the other day, I went […]


"Top Five" Baseball songs

It’s that time of year again. With Spring Training starting and exhibition games being played in Florida and Arizona, baseball is back and embroiled in its annual controversy. Yes, Bud Selig is Satan – except more inept and trapped in the body of an animatronic wax figure. But this list […]

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Commentary: Our Two Sense – Feb. 18

Mike Tomassoni Art Director Andrea Farah Staff Writer April Schulhauser Assistant Features Editor Josh Salman Managing Editor UNF recently inducted six new groups into its athletic hall of fame. Who would you nominiate for a hall of fame? Glowsipher Allday is my hall-a-famer. He’s responsible for inventing blacklight vision contact […]


2009 UNF Hall of Fame

The UNF Department of Athletics inducted its 2009 Hall of Fame class Feb. 11 at the UNF Arena. This year’s class of inductees features a national championship golf team, a former athletic director, and former members of the track, tennis, cross country and baseball teams.  Nancy Miller and Tom Healy […]