Commentary: Our Two Sense – Feb. 18


Mike Tomassoni
Art Director
Andrea Farah
Staff Writer

Assistant Features Editor
Josh Salman
Managing Editor
UNF recently inducted six new groups into its athletic hall of fame. Who would you nominiate for a hall of fame?
Glowsipher Allday is my hall-a-famer. He’s responsible for inventing blacklight vision contact lenses.These eyeball saucers allow the user to view the world fluorescently day
or night.
I would create a Time Machine Hall of Fame. My first nominee is the Catholic Church and its brilliant thought of trading with indulgences to “buy” your way to heaven. Such a lively trip to the middle ages is one that deserves praise. I would make a “UNF
Professors’ Hall of Lame,” and nominate some of my past professors whose classes were a complete waste of my life. I don’t need to name them, though. You know who
you are.
I would create a steroids “Hall of Shame,” and my first inductee would be Alex “A-Roid” Rodriguez, followed by Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Spider Man – he had to be using something to pull those stunts.