Police Beat, Feb. 22

Maggie Seppi


Feb. 14 Physical Altercation (Lot 11) – An officer was flagged down by Complainant No. 1 who said Complainant No. 2 was riding his skateboard on the bridge between Osprey Cove and Osprey Landing when the suspects approached him. Complainant No. 2 said he was forced off his skateboard, and one of the suspects grabbed it and threw it to the ground. He then went to Complainant No. 1’s dorm room to report the incident. Complainant No. 2 and Complainant No. 4 went to find the suspects, and the three said they found the two suspects still on the bridge and made contact with them. Complainant No. 1 said he got into a verbal altercation with one of the suspects, which turned to a physical altercation, during which he was bitten on the left pinky finger by one of the suspects. Complainant No. 1 then went to flag down the police, while Complainants No. 3 and No. 4 followed the suspects who had fled to the Osprey Landing. By the time the officer made it to the Landing, the suspects had left. However, they were spotted in the Cove, and another officer finally made contact with them and ordered them to get on the ground. They refused initially, but complied when the officer presented her Taser. Both suspects had a very strong odor of alcohol emanating from them. They admitted to the physical altercation but said it was an act of self-defense because Complainant No. 1 had attacked them. Both suspects were arrested for disorderly intoxication and for resisting without violence and were booked into the Duval County Jail. The officer referred all individuals involved to student conduct.


Feb. 17 Vehicle Burglaries/Damaged Vehicle (Lot 16) – An officer met with the complainant who said she discovered the passenger mirror broken on her car, which was parked in Lot 16 in a housing space. Earlier that morning, the Jacksonville’s Sheriff’s Office had investigated a series of vehicle burglaries on campus. The suspect, who was arrested, admitted to breaking into three vehicles, and all stolen property was recovered. One of the vehicles burglarized was almost directly across from the complainant’s car, according to the police report. The officer contacted the officer that had arrested the suspect but said the suspect was specific about which vehicles he entered and had said he did not damage any vehicles. The complainant’s vehicle was not processed for prints due to rain. Patrol efforts are suspended.


Feb. 17 Parking Boot Removal/Possible Stolen Parking Decal (Lot 2) – A UNF Parking Services faculty member contacted UPD in reference to a vehicle that needed a parking boot removed. The contacted officer told the faculty member the vehicle was booted because it had a stolen parking decal on the front windshield, according to the police report. The officer met with the owner of the vehicle, who said another student with whom she rides to class gave her the parking decal. The owner of the vehicle paid the parking fine, and the vehicle was released to her. Another officer continued the investigation and was given the decal. A Parking Services faculty member told the officer the decal had not been assigned to anyone and therefore must have been stolen from Parking Services. The faculty member could not give a time frame for the theft, and he had no suspects. The officer then contacted the student who had given the decal to the owner of the vehicle. The student said he obtained the decal from Parking Services several months ago with his Veterans Affairs paper work and did not have to pay for the decal. He said VA paid for it and he did give the decal to the owner of the vehicle, as they ride together to classes on campus. Decal evidence was placed in the JSO property room, and the Parking Services faculty member will contact UPD if any new information is obtained.


Feb. 18 Person Down (Lazarra Theater) – An officer met with the complainant who said his friend fell on the concrete and struck his head. The officer observed the subject lying on his back in the grass. The subject was complaining of left knee pain and pain in his head. The officer noticed blood on his left temple area and face. Jacksonville Fire and Rescue treated the subject at the scene and transported him to the Mayo Clinic.


Feb. 19 Sick Person (The Landing) – An officer met with the subject who was suffering from swelling and burning lips. The resident said she used ChapStick, but that caused them to blister. The on-campus clinic could not treat the resident because she is an FSCJ student. Jacksonville Fire and Rescue was reluctant to transport her to the hospital because they did not consider her condition an emergency, according to the police report. The officer ultimately transported her to the Mayo Clinic Emergency Room.


Feb. 19 Smoke Detector Alarm (The Village) – An officer met with an RA who said he responded to a fire alarm that he could hear going off in a room, but no one would answer the door. He and the officer returned to the apartment. After knocking without any response and announcing their intent to do so, the officer opened the room. Upon entering the room, the RA and the officer could smell a faint odor of marijuana, and the officer noticed a plastic bag wrapped around the smoke detector. The officer also noticed plant-like stems laying in plain sight, as well as in the garbage. There was a red Solo cup with a hole burned through the bottom, and a two-liter soda bottle cut in half. There was also a large plastic jug with a significant amount of ash on the inner sides and bottom of the container. None of the items smelled of marijuana.


Feb. 20 Theft (Lot 18) – An officer met with the victim who said his friend placed his backpack on the ground near the area where he was playing a soccer game. After their game, they observed his backpack was stolen, according to the police report. The backpack belonged to a different student, but it contained the victim’s belongings, as well. The backpack contained an INTELLIKEY, two cell phones, two Osprey 1Cards and a set of keys, which were all stolen and belonged to the victims. The two searched the area with negative results. By the time the officer arrived, the players and spectators had left the area. The two students did not have their cell phone serial numbers but were advised that if they could obtain them, UPD could enter them into the tracking software. The case was not cleared, but patrol efforts were suspended.


Source: UPD