Police Beat, March 21

Maggie Seppi

March 5 Suspicious Bathroom Poetry (Library) – A suspicious message was found written on the inside of the fourth floor bathroom wall stall. The message read, “You shattered my heart to be with her, I said I have moved on, but it’s a lie. Every night I long for your attention, knowing it will never come again. This world is no longer bright and sunny. My life has no value. So, as I leave here, I say goodbye, my love. I am sorry I was not enough to make you happy any longer. Though I might be carrying your child. Do not assume you will never see us again, no one will.” The message was signed by, “a heartbroken pregnant woman.” A canvass of the area was not conducted because there was no one in the area. The message was removed by the janitorial staff before pictures could be taken. There is no identifiable suspect or victim.

March 2 Possible Theft (Lot 2) – An officer met with the complainant, whose vehicle was parked in a legal parking place with a UNF Parking Services boot attached to the left rear wheel. A UNF premium parking pass, which had been reported lost Sept. 2011, was attached to the front windshield of the vehicle. An investigation revealed the complainant and another individual had purchased the pass jointly. The two had been in a relationship, and the complainant retained possession of the pass. However, the pass being identified as missing resulted in the placement of the boot on the complainant’s vehicle. The officer removed the boot and confiscated the pass and returned it to Parking Services, along with the paid receipt for the fine associated with the boot.

March 5 Missing Purse (UNF Drive) – An officer noticed a purse sitting next to a planter on UNF Drive at the city bus stop. The officer found an orange and yellow glass pipe and a mint can containing a small amount of a plant-like substance, after conducting an inventory of the purse. The owner of the purse, a Chartwells employee, later came to UPD to report her purse missing. She identified the purse as her own, but was unable to identify the glass pipe and metal container containing the plant-like substance. She said she had taken the bus to a friend’s house, where she reached into her backpack to retrieve her purse and discovered her wallet was missing. She identified nothing was missing from her purse. The glass pipe, mint can and plant-like substance were placed in the JSO Property Room.

March 6 Armed Robbery (Lot 15) – An officer met with a witness who said she was walking to her vehicle when she observed a confrontation taking place at the front of the University Center parking lot between two suspects and the victim. The witness said one of the suspects hit the victim with a handgun, causing him to fall to the ground. The suspect picked up the gun and ran toward campus. The other suspect left the campus in a vehicle and drove toward Kernan Blvd. The victim said the suspects approached him from behind and tried to take the cash in his hand. A fight between the suspects and the victim ensued, and one of the suspects pointed a long barrelled, black handgun at him. The victim said he was unsure about the complete chain of events because it happened so quickly. He said the suspects stole the nearly $100 that was in his hand, and he suffered a knot on the back of his head where he was hit with the weapon. The victim refused medical attention.

March 6 Drug Investigation (Osprey Crossings) – The Resident Assistant for the building and the Residence Life Coordinator said they were conducting a Health and Safety Inspection of Building S when they found marijuana and drug paraphernalia on both bookcases in the room. The residents of the room were not present during the inspection. Both students were referred to Student Conduct. The marijuana and paraphernalia were placed in the JSO Property Room.

March 8 Theft (Building 58) – The complainant said she had placed her club Greek letter in the courtyard near Building 58 with two other letters. She later returned to the area and found the letter was gone. She contacted other sorority members to see if one had removed the letter, but none of them had any information. There are no identifiable suspects. A canvass of the area was conducted with negative results.

Compiled by Maggie Seppi
Source: UPD