Letter to the Editor: Ashamed of UPD’s stereotyping


Dear Editor,
Coming from a conservative town in Central Florida, I knew UNF would be much more of an open-minded environment for someone like me and many others to enjoy.

I am a minority in this great country but never really had a major problem with race discrimination, though I feel strongly against discrimination regarding others.

And since I can remember, UNF has shown a variety of diversity and never brought upon any stereotypes to others.

But during this past week, there was a situation in one of the parking garages  that I felt UPD should be notified. They answered, and I quickly informed them of the situation, in which they asked the following question: “Are they hispanic or black?”

For a moment I paused, then finally I informed the operator that the person I was calling about was white. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. They didn’t ask what ethnicity the person was, they just made a quick assumption. Next time UPD has personnel in its department ask such stereotypical questions, it should reconsider its training operations that would avoid similar or worse consequences.

Angelo Mora,
Junior, Communications