Commentary: Our Two Sense – March 25


Mike Tomassoni
Art Director
Rachel Elsea
Copy Editor
Meghan Dornbrock
Web Editor
Klajdi Stratoberdha
Business Manager
What new rule would you propose for the UNF community?
New rule: Require sidewalk chalk dispensers every 100 feet of concrete. Inevitably students and staff will have the homosapien urge to make their mark. UNF will pop with color, leaving blank static sidewalks as only a bad memory. The new rule is “there are no rules.” With these changing times, everyone is trying everything to be successful. And you’ve gotta be just a little crazy if you wanna make it. How about we enforce a rule that already exists? At the risk of sounding boring, can we please effectively ban bicycles and skateboards from the core of campus? An obstacle course shouldn’t be part of my walk to class. All students – regardless of their major – should be required to take a course in the business field. With the current state of the economy, everyone needs to be educated in the financial world.