Commentary: Inside the Huddle – April 8


Rebecca McKinnon
Staff Writer
John Weidner
Sprots Editor
Heather Furey
Assistant Sports Editor
Home Run Harry
The Closest Source to the Game
Question 1: Former NFL star Michael Vick is claiming to be a changed man in prison and is determined to do all the right things upon his release, including resuming his career in football. Do you think Vick has changed his ways?
Every other person with a criminal record has to fight for any position, and they’re lucky to flip burgers. Why is it that celebrities get to do whatever they want without the same repercussions? No. Because he didn’t think he did anything wrong in the first place. And if he is able to get any job anywhere, even at McDonalds, I will be ashamed to be an American. I don’t know if he is capable of changing his ways, but his image will certainly stay the same. When-ever my dogs get out of hand though I just yell “Michael Vick” and they run and hide. Changing his ways would have to mean becoming a dog groomer. He shouldn’t be allowed to play for the NFL again. He should be a ball boy.
Question 2: During a college baseball doubleheader April 1, Eastern Kentucky University led 49-1 over Kentucky State by the fifth inning and canceled the second game. How could a team come back from such a big loss?
They shouldn’t cancel games; they need the practice whether or not they manage to win. That’s the first thing I would suggest. It’s not like this was a one-time fluke. They’ve been outscored 240 -70 since the month of February. Both teams said there were no hard feelings, which is nice to see in athletics. A team can only move on after that and learn from their mistakes. My face looks like this because I got smashed with a bat 49 times by EKU. I hope it’s not stuck like this forever.
Question 3: Five-time winner of the ATP Tour’s Stefan Edberg sportsmanship award, Roger Federer, lost his temper and threw his racquet to the ground at the Sony Ericsson Open. Will Federer’s fans lose respect for him?
Everyone gets mad sometimes, and in sports especially, emotions run high. I think they’ll understand. Athletes aren’t allowed to have emotions. There’s no crying in baseball! Well, Federer is one of the only athletes worth respecting. It breaks my heart to see Federer lose his temper like he did but everyone does it at one point. The way he broke that racquet you would think he needs anger management. He can take classes with me!
Question 4: UNF Athletic Director Lee Moon announced the hiring of former Baylor Assitant Coach Matthew Driscoll as UNF’s fifth men’s basketball head coach. How will Driscoll’s hiring impact UNF?
Hopefully, it will transform our basketball team into a force to be reckoned with. I expect great things next season. The UNF sports scene is about to change dramatically. It’s hard to say, but my concern is that he is good with handling and contacting the media when they need him. We will have a fresh start with a winning season. I think?! “Go Ospreys.”

Compiled by Heather Furey.