UNF residents get dirty at Mudfest

Lydia Moneir

Photo by Connor Spielmaker
Students spent the afternoon in the mud pit near the Osprey Fountains as part of Mudfest.

Muddy students can be seen around the Osprey Fountains this week as Mudfest rages on.

Mudfest takes place annually when the dirt pit next to the Osprey Fountains is filled with water and transforms into a mud pit.

Tyler Toomey, a UNF science education junior and president of the UNF Residence Hall Association, said Mudfest provides opportunities for the residents to build school spirit.

With the new mandate requiring incoming freshmen to live on campus in place, Toomey said the week also provides a way for residents in the various halls to meet one another.

He said Mudfest used to be a large event, backed by sponsors, and he hopes it can return to that size.

Mudfest used to take place during the Spring semester, but it was moved up this year because of the increased number of freshman, Toomey said.

Savannah Tanner, mechanical engineering freshman, said Mudfest is a great way to meet people, and she will definitely return next year.

Christopher Cilek, a UNF undeclared freshman, said volleyball was his favorite part of the week and agreed with Tanner in returning.

Mudfest takes place Sept. 5 through Sept. 7 with a different event each day, including volleyball, Tug-O-War and Mud Prom.