Commentary: Inside the Huddle – April 15


John Weidner
Sports Editor
Josh Gore
Contributing Writer
Heather Furey
Assistant Sports Editor
Jason Yurgartis
Features Editor
Question 1: Nick Adenhart, a pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels, was killed by a suspected drunken driver April 9. Are people becoming too desensitized to tragic accidents involving professional athletes?
Athletes get murdered, shoot themselves in the leg and run over people in cars everyday. They don’t surprise me at all anymore. It just shows athletes are just as susceptible to these things as everyone else. It sucks to see such a young guy killed by someone who is dumb enough to drink and drive. A death is always tragic, whether you’re an athlete or not. Like any untimely death, I feel for the guy, the passengers and their loved ones, but I didn’t break out in tears when I heard. I don’t think it’s a matter of desensitization, but how am I supposed to grieve for someone I didn’t know?
Question 2: In front of nearly 8,000 fans, the Jacksonville Suns opened their season with a win against the Tennessee Smokies 7-4. Has baseball ever been hotter than the Jacksonville Suns?
Yes. Fifty years ago when they actually had good players like Nolan Ryan. The Suns are one of the best teams in AA baseball. I have been to many of their games and plan to go to some this season. I’ve never been to a Suns game, but with the way they are starting their season it may be tempting. Yes, it’s been hotter. Wait until July when it’s 95 degrees and you’re in a 103-person line waiting for dollar beers while you dodge foul balls because you aren’t paying attention to the game.
Question 3: A few Jacksonville Jaguars, including wide receiver Mike Walker, were inspired to take up tennis through aiding children in a tennis clinic. Should the Jaguars be focusing on any sport other than football?
The Jaguars should be proud of the work they do in the community, not on the football field. Not really. But last season they focused on football and look where it got them. Clearly football is not their sport, maybe tennis will be. Sorry Jaguar fans. No, they should scrap all other activities and stick to getting arrested for drug possession and DUIs, and getting shot up over club disputes in the off-season. It’s what they do best.
Question 4: With the women’s tennis team achieving their 16th victory of the season and winning its fourth game in a row against Florida Atlantic, is tennis emerging as one of UNF’s marquee athletic programs?
Tennis can’t compete with the dynasty that UNF baseball has established. Most definitely! I expect the women’s tennis team to win the conference and go to nationals next year. Both tennis teams have great coaches; it’s no wonder they are so good. Marquee program, maybe, but I have a hard time envisioning a tailgate party of ravenous fans
surrounding the tennis courts.

Compiled by Heather Furey.