Highlights from Oct. 22 Senate meeting: Premium parking passes to be limited next year, tailgate funding approved

Lydia Moneir

Photo by Connor Spielmaker

Tailgate funding approved

Senate passed a request for $13,750 with 37 approvals and no disapprovals. These funds will be used to pay for food and beverages for the first 250 students who attend the tailgate.

Funding for SG Constitution printing passes

The Judicial Branch requested $233 to print out 300 copies of the SG Constitution. The funding passed with 38 approvals and no disapprovals. These copies of the Constitution will be handed out as part of an initiative to improve students’ knowledge of their rights.

Veteran recognition act deemed unnecessary

An act that would require the Senate president to recognize veterans of the Armed Forces present in the guest area of the Senate Chambers each meeting failed to pass with 18 approvals and 21 disapprovals. Several senators said this measure is unnecessary and that it would add complications to Senate proceedings.

Premium parking to be limited next year

The Senate passed a resolution to change the ratio of premium passes sold to spaces available. This change means fewer premium passes will be sold in Fall 2013. This resolution was introduced to address the issue of limited premium parking, as this year’s current ratio is 2.49 passes sold per space available. The Parking Advisory Council will now decide by how much to lower the availability of tickets.

Osprey Club House naming passed

Senate passed a resolution that would officially name the multipurpose facility to be built between the Osprey Cove and the Osprey Villages. The name Osprey Club House was chosen for clarity and as a result of an SG survey done online.

Changes to Finance Code

Senate passed an act that travel requests must be written into a bill before being by signed by the Student Body President.

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