Second day of polling shows smaller margin between major parties

Lydia Moneir

Photo by Connor Spielmaker

After a second day of polling, the incumbent Red Party still leads the elections, but by slightly smaller margins, with 53.3 percent of votes going to the Red Party and 41.5 percent going to the Yellow Party.

Of the remaining 5.2 percent, 3.4 percent voted for non-affiliated candidates and 1.8 percent were unsure of who they voted for.

There are 20 Red Party candidates and 17 Yellow Party candidates running for the 26 open Senate seats.

The poll has a confidence interval (margin of error) of +/- 4.69 and a confidence level of 95 percent. This is based on calculations from a Creative Research Systems survey system.

The voting population was based on last year’s Spring election voter turnout, which totaled to 3,000 students. Based on this figure, it was determined that a sample size of at least 341 students was required to conduct the poll. 381 students were polled over the two day period.

The Spinnaker polled students on both days of the election at all three voting locations: the Student Union, Library and Cafe.

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