UNF criminology professor charged with assault

Stock photo by Keri Weiland

Lydia Moneir

A UNF professor was arrested early last Thursday morning, after having reportedly thrown a woman against a wall, according to the police report.

Professor of criminology Daniel Patrick Pontzer, 37, was then taken to St John’s County jail and later charged with battery.

According to the report, the victim reported a fight with Pontzer in a Ponte Vedra home in the morning about doing the dishes escalated to physical violence.

She reported after Pontzer finished calling her names and throwing things around the house, he pushed her onto the couch and then grabbed her lower torso to shove her against the wall. After she told him he was hurting her, Pontzer reportedly said “your pain means nothing to me”.

The victim tried and failed to throw Pontzer out of the house, at which point he began to throw their tv on the ground. She told him to stop breaking things and he pushed her into the kitchen, where she managed to escape by throwing oil on him.

After escaping, the victim called the sheriff’s office after Pontzer’s attempt to stop her failed. He walked outside and she locked herself in the house until the police arrived.

Pontzer could not yet be reached for comment by the Spinnaker.

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