Sex Fest lecture entertains and informs about important but touchy topics

Taylor Nelson

Sex educator Jay Friedman gave his lecture The J-Spot Jan. 24 as part of Osprey Productions’ three day Sex Fest.
Photo by Ali Blumenthal

“He gently caressed her breast. He sucked on her nipple and breathed in her sweet odor.”

The audience giggled as certified sex educator Jay Friedman opened his lecture by jumping into describing what seemed to be a very passionate and sexual scene.

“He’s had his fill and falls into a deep sleep.”

The audience continued to giggle with a hint of confusion.

“She carefully and quietly rolls him over so as not to wake him … and lays him in his crib.”

With the realization of what was actually being described, the crowd burst into laughter.

“This was about a child being breastfed,” Friedman said. “What were you thinking?”

Friedman proved his point. We are all sexual beings, we have a natural desire to talk about sex, and sex is good.

This sex lecture, The J-Spot, was part of Osprey Productions three day Sex Fest here at UNF, which also included a night of “sexy trivia” and a movie night.

OP did Sex Fest two years ago, and brought it back because they felt it was a lot of fun and a great way to educate students about sex related topics. They came across Friedman, saw he was a well-respected and renowned lecturer and felt he was an appropriate addition to the Sex Fest week.

“We wanted the students to be entertained,” said Chase Grant, Osprey Productions Soapbox Ed Committee Chairman. “Sexual education is important, especially on a college campus.”

Friedman compared the U.S. with the ways other developed countries handle sex education and even showed a standard Scandinavian sexual education video used there for middle school students that contained information U.S. schools would never be allowed to show.

Students who attended the event said it was informative and enjoyable.

“I learned more here about sex than in my entire life,” said Travis King, an electrical engineering freshman. “I never talked about it with my parents.

Friedman also offered students sensible yet humorous tips on touchy subjects like condoms and masturbation.

“It’s dull lovers, not condoms, that make for dull sex,” Friedman said. “Shopping for condoms should be like shopping for a car. With all the makes and models and colors, it should be about what’s most comfortable for you and whoever is riding along with you.”

He also issued a challenge to all women in the audience to get to know their own bodies.

“It’s going to be incredibly hard to enjoy a sexual relationship with someone else if you aren’t comfortable touching yourself,” Friedman said.

As a ‘sexpert’ who is always willing to learn more about sex, Friedman said he realizes that different people have different views and values when it comes to sex. In some of the places he has lectured, people have called him things such as an agent of the devil and a recovering hippy with perverted ways.

Friedman said his goal is only “to stimulate you. To stimulate your minds so we can all have a happy and healthy sex life whenever and wherever.”

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