10 things you need to know about Katelin Swift


Katelin Swift, a physical education K-12 senior forward, currently leads the UNF women’s soccer team with 12 points, coming from 5 goals and 2 assists in seven games. Swift was born in Tampa Bay and has been playing soccer since age four. She has played for several clubs such as the Richmond Strikers, Richmond Capitals, JYS Fury and Clay County United. Daughter of Bette and Randy Swift, she has one sister, Brianna Swift, who verbally committed to be a member of the UNF women’s soccer team next season.

  1. To most of her teammates, Katelin Swift is known as “Swifty.” The nickname was given to Swift by Head Coach Linda Hamilton on Hamilton’s first day of practice as UNF’s coach. At first Swift didn’t like the designation but Hamilton said it wouldn’t change; it hasn’t ever since, Swift said.
  2. Her hobbies include going to the beach, shopping, working out and spending time with her friends, family and boyfriend, UNF golfer Major Forbess.
  3. Her favorite TV shows are Law and Order, Cold Case, The Girls Next Door and The Hills.
  4. Her favorite Spring Break destination was the Spring Break of 2009 in Panama City, with the seniors of the women’s soccer team. “Who wouldn’t wanna be on that trip?” Swift said.
  5. As for what she rocked out to on the road trip there, “I would usually listen to country, but on a Spring Break road trip pop, rap and hip hop is what’s on the radio,” Swift said.
  6. When it comes to food, Swift is a fan. “It’s just easier to say what I don’t like rather than all my favorites. I am allergic to shell fish, but other than that I love food,” Swift said.
  7. Her favorite sport outside of soccer is track and field because of her love for running.
  8. Some of her funniest moments in the past four years with the UNF women’s soccer team have been the freshmen feuds that accompany the long bus rides. “I will never forget Lindi DiMaio’s [former teammate] ‘Like a Virgin’ performance,” Swift said.
  9. As for her plans after college, Swift plans to attend graduate school.
  10. After that she wants to get a job teaching physical education. If that doesn’t work out, then this Osprey might take to flight and do some traveling.