UNF requests funds for Student Assembly Center

One of the possible design concepts for the interfaith chapel. Photo courtesy of Brooks&Scarpa and KZF Design

Carter Roush

UNF requested $5,000,000 for a student assembly center from the state legislature. The university is waiting for the funds to be approved.

Everett Malcolm, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs, said the student assembly center will actually be the previously announced Interfaith Chapel. He said the chapel will serve as a non-denominational place of worship for students and faculty member.

Tarah Trueblood, Director of the Interfaith Center, said that the building’s design has been narrowed down to three candidates that will be decided some time by the end of the year.

Shari Shuman, Vice President for Administration and Finance, said getting approval for construction funds has been difficult.

Shuman said there is only $800,000 in the governor’s budget that would go to UNF through the capital improvement trust funds. She said if the governor approves the bonds, then he could increase the state debt.

Malcolm said the chapel will offer a space for performances similar to the UNF Fine Arts Center.

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