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All content by Carter Roush

STI epidemic: Half of all sexually-active college students will be infected by age 25

Carter Roush June 3, 2014
With about 50% of college students likely to be STI-positive in their lifetime, this silent epidemic is worth more awareness and education than free condoms and sex-ed fliers.

UNF Student Health Services does not track STIs

Carter Roush June 2, 2014
UNF Student Health Services does not keep track of the positive cases of sexually transmitted infections (STI) that the center has tested for. This information could help create further awareness and education for college students.

Delaney’s old staff runs deep at UNF

Carter Roush April 4, 2014

[nicevideo link="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTXskyo0TKQ"] In 2003, John Delaney ended his final term as mayor of Jacksonville and became the next president...

UNF goes without a permanent “middle man” for another year

Carter Roush March 31, 2014

[nicevideo link="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5G6P_SWZ7IE"] Since May 2013, the position of UNF’s provost has been filled by an interim replacement while a search committee projected a new...

SG lobbyist represents the interests of SG pres in Tallahassee

Carter Roush March 12, 2014
Matt Brockelman, former UNF SG president, was chosen as the Director of the Office of Governmental Affairs and became a full-time paid lobbyist for SG.

Boathouse employee fired after serving undercover agent

Carter Roush March 7, 2014
A female Boathouse bartender was fired Feb. 27 after allegedly failing to properly check an I.D. offered by an undercover agent of Florida’s division of Alcohol, Beverage and Tobacco (ABT).

UPD’s suspended cases add up over time

Carter Roush February 11, 2014

The UNF campus is no stranger to crime. Students and faculty are susceptible to violations of their property and while the police are responsible for solving and preventing these occurrences, some...

UNF will not pursue Court of Appeals’ gun ruling

Carter Roush December 20, 2013
UNF will not be fighting the 1st District Court of Appeals ruling that a student has a right to keep a gun secured in their vehicle while parked on campus.

How convenient is the Town Center shuttle?

Carter Roush November 23, 2013
A shuttle that takes students to the major shopping center is convenient for some, but for those whose classes fall between the scheduled times, not so much.

Power goes out in the Fountains

Carter Roush November 5, 2013
The power went out in the Fountains Nov. 4 and no one knows why.

Research trip back on

Carter Roush October 30, 2013
The National Science Foundation labeled Dr. Julie Richmond's research in Antarctica a priority.

Running unopposed

Carter Roush October 16, 2013
Not enough students applied for the open senate seats, so there won't be an SG election this fall.

Carpenter library awarded for providing Deaf Education materials

Carter Roush October 2, 2013
Publishing these videos online has connected UNF to the deaf community in a way that we probably could not have done in a pre-digital age, Jeffery Bowen, director of technical services, said.

Police Beat August 30

Carter Roush September 1, 2013
Three students report thefts and one gets his car vandalized after he parks in two spots.

Police Beat for Finals Week

Carter Roush May 17, 2013

April 17 Stolen Property (Building 61): A UPD officer contacted a man after he reported his wallet stolen from his bike outside Building 61. The man is a non-student who was visiting a friend at Building...

UNF requests funds for Student Assembly Center

Carter Roush April 17, 2013

UNF requested $5,000,000 for a student assembly center from the state legislature. The university is waiting for the funds to be approved. Everett Malcolm, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs,...

Police Beat for the week of April 17

Carter Roush April 16, 2013

  March 28 Stolen Parking Permit (Building 41): A student’s parking permit was stolen from her car March 28. She was returning from class and saw a parking ticket on the car’s front window...

Military medics at UNF

Carter Roush April 16, 2013
Most people who see the inside of a US Army deployable medical station are either medics or horribly wounded. On April 15, this view was made available to students through the Army’s Forward Surgical Team’s display.

Police Beat for the week of April 3

Carter Roush April 4, 2013

March 21 Theft (Building 1): While returning from a business trip to Newark, New Jersey, the Vice President of the General Counsel discovered that her iPad had was missing. She had rented a car during...

Police Beat – March 26

Carter Roush March 27, 2013

March 25 Drug Use (Osprey Cove Building U):  After responding to a call from Building V of the Osprey Cove, an officer smelled the odor of burning marijuana around an area outside Building U. The officer’s...

Police Beat – March 25

Carter Roush March 25, 2013

    March 20 Stolen Parking Pass (Garage 38): A UPD officer arrived at the Student Government Office in building 58E, room 3303, concerning the theft of a student’s park pass from Garage...

Police Beat – March 7

Carter Roush March 7, 2013

March 6 Drug Possession (Osprey Village) - An RA in the Osprey Village was conducting her nightly rounds when she smelt marijuana coming from one of the rooms in building D. The RA contacted UPD and...

Police Beat – March 4

Carter Roush March 4, 2013

Feb. 28 Theft (Lot 18) - A parking decal was stolen off the windshield of a student’s car while she was in class. The student made contact with UPD, who were unable to find any residue from a parking...

Foot groper identified, warned

Carter Roush March 4, 2013
On March 1, UPD identified a suspect who reportedly groped two women's feet in the library on separate occasions.

Student accused of fraud

Carter Roush February 28, 2013

Feb. 28 Fraud (Complainant’s office) - Officers met with a member of UNF’s staff who believed a student had committed fraud by forging an outside client’s signature. Police met with the victim of...

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