What not to wear to class


By Alexis McCartney

A new semester has begun, and one thing can make or break the vital first impression with your new classmates and professors: Fashion. It’s all about what you wear. Pulling all-nighters is no excuse to look like you were blindfolded while getting dressed before heading to class. By following these five simple rules carefully crafted for your wardrobe survival, you just might end up the most fashionable person on campus.

Don’t wear high heels.
Beauty does have its sacrifices, but it isn’t practical to sport high heels all day around campus. Unless you have a job interview right after, there’s no reason to trek to math class in six-inch heels. “UNF’s grounds aren’t high-heel friendly, and a professor wouldn’t take you seriously,” said Arielle Butler, a UNF senior majoring in multimedia journalism. If you really must wear feminine footwear for class, kitten heels are a more comfortable and businesslike alternative. Also, thanks to French designer Isabel Marant, a sneaker wedge is now the casual go-to heel for almost any setting. The latest designer pair might be out of most college students’ budgets, but shops like Forever 21 and Traffic sell their versions of the trend at affordable prices.

Don’t wear pajamas.
For some odd reason, students wearing pajamas to class has become some unwritten college fashion staple. Many think it isn’t a faux pas, but donning a pair of nighties to class is just unacceptable. Professors won’t think you’re a serious student (try asking for a letter of recommendation in your butterfly-print jammies), and classmates will think you’re lazy and unattractive. So keep the PJs in your room. Black yoga pants are a comfy alternative that won’t make you look like you just rolled out of bed.

Don’t rep your high school.
You want to embark on the college journey with a new slate. There’s no reason why you should wear any apparel with your high school’s name on it around campus. You might get mistakenly identified as a visitor, or worse, a “kid.” You’d be surprised at the fashionable UNF items that are sitting on the sale rack in the bookstore.

Don’t show your goodies.
Guys, say no to the sag. Ladies, wearing a thong with low-rise jeans is the ultimate sin. And with chiffon tops all the rage this season, make sure you’re covering up your bra–try a camisole underneath. No one you’d want to impress is dying to see the design of your underwear. To find the perfect jeans, check out brands like Lucky, Guess, Rock and Republic, True Religion, or browse local consignment shops for a great vintage find. Forever 21 sells dirt-cheap camisoles in nearly every color.

Don’t wear socks with your sandals.
While sandals and flip-flops can be extremely comfortable, there is a certain way to wear them. Sure, socks help keep your feet clean and warm, but pairing the two together is a fashion crime. According to electronic media senior Jerrel Kight, women wearing socks with their flip-flops screams unhygienic. “That is a major don’t,” Kight said. If your feet get cold in those air-conditioned classrooms, opt for a pair of TOMS, which are comfy and stylish and cover your feet.

Good luck, look sharp and stay classy, Ospreys.