ESPN anchor to Skype into UNF class

Christian Ayers

Photo Credit: Connor Spielmaker UNF alumna Sara Walsh
Photo Credit: Connor Spielmaker
UNF alumna Sara Walsh

Former Osprey soccer player and UNF graduate turned SportsCenter anchor Sara Walsh is making her way back to her alma mater Tuesday morning. Well, sort of.

Walsh will speak to communications students via Skype in Dr. Peter Casella’s History of Mass Communication course.

Students will have an opportunity to ask Walsh about her job as en ESPN as well as the field of journalism and Spinnaker Sports will be in attendance.

Walsh visited UNF in October of last year to speak to students on campus to talk about her experiences as a national anchor.

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Here is a tour narrated by Walsh behind the scenes at SportsCenter’s studio.


You can also watch Walsh shout out UNF in this SportsCenter intro. Try not to be distracted by Adam Schefter’s terrible dancing skills.