Dating violence falsely reported as burglary

Joseph Cook

The complainant from a Sept. 14 crime alert told UPD she falsely reported a robbery and was instead in the middle of a physical altercation with her boyfriend.

After the early morning report of robbery, a UPD officer interviewed the complainant around lunchtime, and her statements agreed with her original complaints. However, the young woman called UPD an hour later, saying she had lied about the robbery and wanted to tell the truth. The officer came back, and the student wrote a statement withdrawing her report of Strong Arm Robbery.

She said she had been to a party where she became intoxicated. Because of this, she became aggressive and was fighting with her boyfriend in the car. She said after getting out of the car, she continued attacking him physically, and her boyfriend had no choice but to throw her to the ground to defend himself. She said she freaked out, pressed the emergency blue light button in the Fountains parking lot, and lied to the police about being robbed. She said she did so in an attempt to keep her and her boyfriend from getting into trouble.

The student apologized for making up the story and was very remorseful. The officer told her making a false report of crime can result in arrest, but he would review the incident before any criminal charges were made.

The officer then found the victim of the violence and interviewed him. His account of the altercation agreed with the suspect’s. He said he was sitting in the passenger seat when his girlfriend struck him in the face with her fist and knocked his drink out of his hand. He attempted to pour her drink out the window, and she began to hit him repeatedly. She then took food they had purchased and stomped on it. He told his girlfriend he was going to his room and began to walk away. She then blocked his way and jumped on him. He threw her to the ground to get away from her. At this point the suspect activated the Emergency Phone and reported she was the victim of a robbery attempt.

The victim said he did not want to press charges and the two students were still dating. The suspect was not arrested. Both subjects were referred to Student Conduct, the Women’s Center and the Counseling Center.

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