Power goes out in the Fountains

Carter Roush

The power at Osprey Fountains went out Nov. 4 and no one knows why.

At around 9:00 p.m., power in the Fountains went out and the generators came on to power basic things.

Most electrical utilities in the Osprey Fountains, such as room keys, elevators, overhead lights and exit signs were still working. Power outlets in students rooms were not working.

Bob Boyle, Director of Housing and Residence Life, said that the power outage lasted for about an hour and a half, ending at 10:30 p.m.

UNF’s power is provided by JEA, who is currently trying to figure out a cause for the power outage, said John Hale, Director of Physical Facilities.

The backup generators provided the Osprey Fountains with limited power until it was restored by JEA, Hale said.

Nicole Worzel, a resident of the Osprey Fountains, said that she believes the generators went out twice, taking out all of the lights each time.

When asked if there were any reports of failures with the generators, Hale replied that they were reportedly working fine.

Lt. Mike Gwines said that UPD was made aware of the situation, but that power outages are normally not an issue that they handle.

While JEA tries to find an explanation for why Osprey Fountains residents were without power the night of Nov. 4, Hale said that the relationship between the two institutions is still strong.

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