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Three thefts, and possible fraud

The following information is all according to UNFPD reports.

Illustrated by Zach Evans
Illustrated by Zach Evans

Theft (Bldg. 45) – Feb. 3

Items: Wallet, Student ID, Florida Driver’s License, Wells Fargo Debit and Credit Card, Visa, and Mastercard. The wallet was described as multi-colored yellow, purple, brown, red with gold colored etched elephant.

Last seen: Classroom in Building 45

Stolen from: Student

Theft (Bldg. 5) – Feb. 4

Item: UNF issued iPod Touch

Value: $320

Last seen: Control Room in Bldg. 5

Stolen from: Physical facilities employee

Theft (Bldg. 50) – Feb. 4*

On Feb. 4, an officer was dispatched to Building 50, the Science and Engineering building. A wooden desk had been broken into, and a University P-card was stolen.

The victim said when she arrived at work she noticed the power was turned off to her computer monitor. She crawled under her desk to turn on the power strip, and noticed the bottom right drawer of her desk was slightly open.

The victim pulled the drawer open and thought she must have forgot to lock the drawer. She noticed pry marks on the wood by each desk drawer.

All the drawers had been pried open, and the contents rummaged through.

The victim noticed a gold colored key on top of her desk drawer and had “D118” stamped on it. The victim said it wasn’t her key, and wasn’t on her desk when she locked up the night before.

The officer asked the key shop which building the gold colored key was assigned to. It was a key to the Engineering Department (Bldg. 11), which was torn down several years ago, according to the report. No records showed who was assigned the key. There was a key still stuck inside the lock on the left side of her desk that wasn’t the victim’s and didn’t fit the lock.

The victim said she checked her files and noticed the University P-card was missing from its file.

A call was made to Regions Bank to check on the card, and it was used at Wal Mart twice on Feb. 3.

The purchases were for $140.00 and $105.44.

The suspect attempted to make two more charges to the card, but the card was denied.

The victim also said her $20.00 Brio restaurant gift card was stolen. The officer processed the gift card sleeve, but there were no results.

The officer made a key audit of the entrance door. There is only one door in and one door out, according to the report.

The key audit was given to Detective Kearney to be downloaded. The audit revealed that nobody used an INTELLIKEY. The door was unlocked, the officer said.

The desk area was not processed because of the lack of printable surfaces.

UPD said this incident happened around 10:00 p.m. Feb. 3.

Illustration by Zach Evans
Illustration by Zach Evans

Sick Person (Bldg. 42*) – Feb. 5

An officer was dispatched to a classroom in Building 42, where a student was having a seizure.

The officer arrived to the classroom and the male student, 19, was sitting on the ground. The student indicated he had a seizure.

JFRD was notified of the incident, and sent Engine 150 and Rescue 50 to the scene.

Rescue 50 transported the student to Mayo Clinic.

Illustration by Zach Evans
Illustration by Zach Evans

Marijuana (Osprey Fountains) – Feb. 5

An officer was dispatched to a Fountains room due to the smell of marijuana.

The officer arrived, and met with another officer, a Resident Assistant and a Residence Life Coordinator, and they all proceeded to the room in question.

One officer could smell burning marijuana as they approached the room.

They knocked on the door, and the student gave them permission to enter his room.

An officer asked if the student had any illegal items in the room and the student said, “Yes.”

The officers found 0.8 grams of marijuana along with a glass pipe, a ceramic bong, an ashtray, and a grinder on the student’s desk.

The student gave the officers permission to search his room. The officers found another grinder and a plastic bottle during the search.

The student said all of the items were his.

The marijuana and drug items were taken to Jacksonville’s Sheriff’s Office.

The officer requested the incident be referred to Student Conduct.

Illustrated by Zach Evans
Illustrated by Zach Evans

Possible fraud – Feb. 6

A female student, 18, said she applied for a job on or around Jan. 7 as an Officer Assistant on Craigslist, and was hired after several emails back and forth with the Craigslist boss, a suspect.

The student, the victim, was told to buy several items, and would receive $300 for each item obtained.

The UPD report said the Craigslist boss sent the victim a check for $1975 to be deposited into her account.

The victim received the check, deposited it in her checking account, and waited for the bank to tell her it was cleared. The victim said the bank told her the check had cleared.

The victim received another email from the Craigslist boss, saying the money needed to be sent to a male suspect. The Craigslist boss said the male suspect was a representative of a child care center, and it was important that the money be sent to him because there was a child who needed the money for an operation.

The Craigslist boss requested $1450 to be sent to the male suspect as soon as possible. The victim went to Walmart and purchased a moneygram for the $1450 and was charged $115 for the moneygram.

The victim sent the male suspect the moneygram. The bank told the victim that the $1975 check from the Craigslist boss was no good.

The victim researched both the Craigslist boss and the male suspect, and the victim found the male suspect had been arrested for fraud in the past. The victim contacted the police.

The victim saved all receipts and emails from the incident.

The bank is sending the victim her statements and cancelled the check for $1975.

The victim was told Detection Division would be contacting her to follow up on the case.

The victim wants to press charges and recover her funds if possible.

*2/14/2014 – This story was added at 4:16 p.m.

*2/17/2014- Correction made to building number at 4:29 p.m.

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