Cellular disturbance: bad vibrations

Atera Benasa

Atera Benasa Photo by Randy Rataj
Atera Benasa
Photo by Randy Rataj

A strong vibration – there’s a sound of a buzz while the two of you are going at it. No, it’s not a new kinky toy to spice things up, it’s someone’s phone.

Since we are in the age of technology, no one goes anywhere without a cell phone. But are cell phones necessary during sexual activities? It depends. Almost every phone today has a camera, and who doesn’t want to document their little escapade, and possibly be the next Ray-J and Kim? Or maybe your mom needs you home early because the family hamster just died. But how often does that really happen? Usually next to never, so it’s probably not all that necessary to have your phone on you while you are doing the deed.

Not only is it unnecessary, it’s a huge distraction. I doubt anyone would enjoy their partner’s phone going off or seeing them secretly play Candy Crush. And of course, everyone has that one annoying friend who doesn’t get the hint that if you don’t pick up the first time, you won’t be picking up the next 32 times. Yes, it’s funny to see your partner try to keep a straight face while talking to whoever is calling, but that gets old, quickly.

So cell phone alerts probably aren’t the best while having some bedroom fun. Turn the cell phone off or silence it. Whatever it is, it can wait until it’s time for after-sex cuddling when your partner is passed out on your arm and you only have one free hand.

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