Cellular disturbance: pick that thing up

Cassidy Alexander

Cassidy Alexander Photo by Randy Rataj
Cassidy Alexander
Photo by Randy Rataj

Our every waking moment is dominated by cellular indulgence. It was only a matter of time before it crept into the bedroom and — more importantly — between the sheets.

There are two central aspects of life in college that we need to explore. The first is staying connected. It doesn’t matter to whom or what — we just have to be connected at all times. The second is sex. We are all faced with this relatively newfound freedom to roll around with whomever we want, wherever we please and at any time of the day. Sometimes these two facets of our lives conflict.

The idea of checking one’s phone while hooking up with another person is slightly horrifying, in theory. But in actuality, when you’re straddling some guy and your phone starts to ring, you are conditioned to notice. There may as well be a marching band stomping around in your bedroom. The incessant ring interrupts your focus, grates on your nerves and with every subsequent ring/vibration and every thrust of your hips, your hand gets that much closer to picking it up. The curiosity drives me insane, and I just can’t help it. I am part of the so-called Age of Technology. What else could be expected from me?

In my defense, I’ve only been out of my parents’ house for three months. I have a resounding fear of my mother walking in on us half naked or with our mouths in places that they shouldn’t be, so of course I have a tendency to check my phone. (Hi Mom. I’ve opened up some in college, can you tell?)

Despite what others may think, checking your phone while in the act is a good idea. I’m not saying scroll through Tumblr with one hand while the other is still beneath the sheets. I’m just saying pausing the action for a second to make sure one of your roommates isn’t on her way up is not a bad idea. It’s a matter of keeping up appearances.

The question is this: how much of your life are you willing to put on hold for an opportunity to get off? There’s more than just roommates to worry about; things like heads-ups on pop quizzes, news from job interviews and emails about cancelled classes could all possibly be missed. Any kind of message could come through your phone at any given time, and each would have a different effect on the amount of time you could dedicate to a single chance at an orgasm.

Despite the importance of all those things, sex is also a fundamental component of our lives, and it needs to be weighed. But unless climax is approaching swiftly, I don’t see why it couldn’t be put on pause for just a quick second while I make sure that the bed is only shaking from the passion of the moment, not from the building coming down around us.

Just as safe sex is of the utmost importance, so is smart sex. Using phones to keep sex smart isn’t a bad thing. It won’t take away from the intimacy of the moment — it will only add to the intelligence of it.

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