Third damaged water fountain, and more

Rebecca Rodriguez


The following information is all according to UNFPD reports.


Property damage (Bldg. 14) – Feb. 2

A third Elkay hydration station water filler was damaged this semester on Feb. 2, and four blue planters were knocked over by force, according to a UPD report.

The first two water fountain damages were reported on Jan. 18, and had a combined damage cost of $1,500.

Photo by Danae Leake
Photo by Danae Leake

On Feb. 2 at 5:49 a.m., an officer was dispatched to Building 14D, where the hydration station is located on the first floor.

The officer met with the custodian who reported the hydration station damage. The custodian said she did not see any suspicious activity in the area or any other damage to nearby buildings.

The officer said the hydration station was broken from the frame, hanging down on the water fountain underneath. The bottom part of the water fountain was still attached to the wall.

The water fountain damage cost was reported as $500.

After looking at the water fountain damage, the officer  discovered the four blue planters knocked on their sides by force as he walked the wooden deck leading to the cafeteria and dorms. One of the four blue planters was in several pieces.

Photo by Danae Leake
Photo by Danae Leake

The blue planter damage cost was reported as $100.

The officer then walked by Osprey Hall and noticed several chairs on the first floor lobby were flipped upside down.

There are no known suspects.

Marijuana (The Landings) – Feb. 6

An officer was dispatched to a room in the landings for a drug investigation on Feb. 6.

The officer smelled the odor of marijuana when he arrived, and the complainant who was with the officer knocked on the victim’s door.

The student suspect answered the door and gave the complainant permission to enter the suspect’s dorm room.

The officer asked the suspect if he could enter as well and the suspect gave him permission.

The officer asked if the suspect had been smoking marijuana and the suspect said he had been. The officer asked if the suspect had any marijuana in the suspect’s room.

Illustration by Zach Evans
Illustration by Zach Evans

The suspect grabbed a blue container with 6.2 grams of marijuana, a glass pipe with residue, a blunt package, two packages of rolling papers, and a blue grinder inside of it.

The officer asked the suspect if he had any more drugs in his room, and the suspect said no.

The officer then asked the suspect for permission to search the suspect’s room, and the suspect allowed the officer to search his room.

The officer searched, looked in the suspect’s desk drawer, and found two brown joints with marijuana inside of them. The suspect said he forgot they were there.

The officer then read the suspect his constitutional rights. The suspect did not wish to invoke his rights, according to the report.

The officer told the suspect he was going to issue him a Notice To Appear (NTA) for possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. The officer told the suspect what the suspect needed to do to take care of the NTA and the suspect understood.

The listed items were placed into the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office property room.

The officer suggested the suspect be referred to Student Conduct.

The case was cleared by NTA.

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