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Last of travel funding allocated, bill regulating spending put off

SG logo blackNew Chief of Staff

Student Body Treasurer and future Student Body President Joe Turner named Collin Waychoff, current Budget and Allocations Committee (BAC) chairman, his new Chief of Staff.

This was Waychoff’s last BAC meeting as the committee’s chair.

Surf Team travel request approved

Adam Bartoshesky spoke on behalf of the UNF Surf Team to request the remaining $1,632 in the Travel Request Fund to go to the 2014 NSSA National Championships in Dana Point, CA.

The entirety of their request from SG will be allotted towards airfare.

The Club was provided with $2,450 the last two years.

Bartoshesky said this is the most successful year the club has had in it’s 11 year history at the university.

The BAC passed their request in full. The Travel Request Index is empty for the rest of the fiscal year.

Special requests: funding for student union lounge approved

Photo by Randy Rataj
Photo by Randy Rataj

Student Body Vice President Anthony Stevens requested $49,200 on behalf of the Executive Branch for a new student lounge area.

The request said that this space is being created to help transform the Student Union into a more student friendly location.

The lounge will be located on the first floor the the Student Union. It will be complete with new couches, charging stations, lounge chairs, a bookcase, and hammocks to put by the lake that’s located near the Student Union.

Stevens said the furniture will be expensive because they selected it based on comfort, style, and durability.

“The fabric of the couches is food and water resistant. If we’re going to put something this expensive in there, we want it to be something that will last.”

Stevens said the idea for the lounge was inspired by one at Florida Gulf Coast University.

He also suggested the BAC make a motion for a 10 percent contingency fee in addition to approving the request.

The committee passed the request unanimously. Senator Mitchell Moore made a motion for a 10 percent contingency fee, and that motion was passed unanimously as well.

The Student Union administration requested $1,900 for a golf cart, a parking spot and charging station for the Department of Campus life.

The request was passed by the BAC 4-0.

Bill to regulate BAC spending put on hold by BAC

Senator Kyle Henning presented SB-14S-2763: The Fifty/Fifty Plan. The bill says that the BAC may not approve more than 50 percent of the Travel Fund in the first six months of the fiscal year.

The bill also suggested that the Club Alliance leadership notify all RSO’s eligible for student conference travel funding of the remaining balance in the Travel Fund at the end of every BAC meeting.

This bill comes near the end of a fiscal year where the BAC depleted the $30,000 Travel Index, transferred $10,000 from the Special Request Index, and the Student Body President vetoed parts of travel requests to stretch the remaining funds.

After much discussion and a failed motion by Senator Moore to change the percentage from 50 to 75, the BAC passed a motion to hear the bill again at a later date rather than make a decision on the bill now.

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