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Students’ financial aid able to purchase parking passes come Fall 2014

Tiffany Felts August 4, 2014
Starting Fall 2014 students can pay for parking permits using their financial aid. Parking and Transportation Services has also changed other parts of parking permits, such as colors and daily rates. Other changes PTS is implementing include changes to the ticket appeal process, and the addition of an additional garage in the latter half of the academic school year.

New budget system designed to meet club demands

Tiffany Felts May 12, 2014

After the Budget and Allocations committee ran out of travel funds, Student Government made a series of changes to the club funding process. A new Club Budget Committee will work with Club Alliance to...

UNF track athlete found dead in dorm

Tiffany Felts April 23, 2014
Noel, a 20-year-old communications junior from Fort Lauderdale, was a member of the mens track and field team.

Helicopter lands on campus for medevac exercise

Tiffany Felts April 8, 2014
If you noticed a helicopter landing in the UNF arena, you saw just part of a medevac exercise the ROTC held.

Report of suspects moving a body is a misunderstanding

Tiffany Felts April 3, 2014
Witnesses believed they saw suspicious persons moving a body, but the "suspects" stepped forward and explained the misunderstanding.

Men walk in heels for sexual assault awareness

Tiffany Felts April 1, 2014
The Women's Center invited male passersby to walk in women's shoes and raise awareness about violence against women for Sexual Assault Awareness month this April.

New term’s Student Government sworn in, funds for lounge approved

Tiffany Felts March 31, 2014
Next term's Student Government was sworn in and the Senate approved two funding request and passed a bill that allows Osprey Productions to spend more of its profits.

Student Union lounge in the planning stages

Tiffany Felts March 27, 2014
Student Government plans to build a new student lounge, projected to be put into the Student Union by the end of this summer.

Students rally in Tallahassee for local and state-wide issues

Tiffany Felts March 27, 2014
The conference was on the topics of in-state tuition for undocumented residents and veterans, and facility funding.

Ozzie statue in the works, two Associate Justices nominated

Tiffany Felts March 25, 2014
Club budgeting will be done differently because of new legislation, an Ozzie statue is in the works, and two Associate Justices were nominated.

Last of travel funding allocated, bill regulating spending put off

Tiffany Felts March 25, 2014
The BAC approved funding for a $49,000 Student Union lounge and a bill to regulate BAC spending was put off till the next meeting.

Travel requests cut and approved as funds run out

Tiffany Felts March 4, 2014
Two travel requests were amended and approved a week after SG President expressed concern over BAC allocations

Senate brief Feb. 24

Tiffany Felts March 3, 2014
The senate passed legislation creating a new committee and process for student organization funding.

Student Government buys lunch for random students

Tiffany Felts February 27, 2014
Student Government paid Chartwell $500 to give out random meals to students.

Professors could provide free scantrons

Tiffany Felts February 27, 2014
Students won’t need to worry about bringing scantrons to class if Student Government’s newest scantron initiative is approved.

The Peace Corps at UNF

Tiffany Felts February 27, 2014
National Peace Corps Week kicked off on Tuesday, March 25 with a special recruitment event.

What’s that burning smell?

Tiffany Felts February 20, 2014
Four men spent a good part of Feb. 20 setting fires in the Sawmill Slough Preserve.

Women’s Center now offering free HIV testing

Tiffany Felts February 18, 2014
Starting in January, the Women’s Center and Health Promotions collaborated to offer free and anonymous HIV testing.

Two days after VP resigns, Red Party announces presidential candidate

Tiffany Felts January 23, 2014
Two days after the Student Government Vice President resigned, the Red Party announced their presidential Candidate: Joseph Turner, current SG Treasurer.
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