Sep. 18 – Sep. 27


Sept. 18 – Grand theft (Building 14) – A student had his book bag stolen from the cafeteria. It contained five textbooks.

A possible suspect is in question.

Sept. 18 – Grand theft (Building 15) – A computer hard drive was stolen out of a classroom after a club meeting took place there.

Fingerprints from the room came back negative, and there are no suspects.

Sept. 19 – Burglary (Building 34) – A staff member reported cash and computer software missing from her office.

UPD has no suspects.

Sept. 20 – Petty theft (Building 34) – An athletic coach had an iPod and cash stolen from her office. There are no suspects.

Sept. 22 – Possession (Building 38) – Two subjects and their vehicle were searched in a drug investigation. UPD found marijuana, pills and an abundance of paraphernalia.

The amount of marijuana found could lead to a felony charge.

One student was issued a notice to appear and the other was arrested.

Sept. 23 – Damaged property (Lot 15) – A possible suspect dented a UPD patrol car with his skateboard.

There is no proof of the act, and the person in question continues to deny committing the act as the investigation continues.

Sept. 25 – Grand theft (Building 15) – A chair from the lobby area of the computer offices was stolen.

UPD has no suspects.

Sept. 25 – Alcohol Investigation (Building Y) – A student in the Landing voluntarily produced six cans of beer after one was found on his desk during a routine room check.

He was issued a notice to appear and referred to Student Conduct.

Sept. 25 – Stalking (Building Y) – A victim reported to UPD that she had been stalked via MySpace for more than a month.

She was left to pursue the case with the State Attorney’s Office.

Sept. 27 – Petty theft (Building 48) – UPD is still working a case in which a student stole a bucket of golf balls from the Golf Learning Center.

Compiled by Sarah Gojekian.