Armed robbery and kidnapping on campus

Lydia Moneir

The following information is according to University of North Florida Police Department reports, received by the Spinnaker on Sept. 24.

The victim showed the suspect the marijuana he had in a room in Village D on Sept. 21. Photo by Blake Middleton.
The suspect and victim attempted a drug deal in a room in Village D on Sept. 21.
Photo by Robert Curtis

UPDATE – 7/23/15 at 4:14 p.m.

According to Duval County Clerk of Courts records, all charges against Roberto Julian Raphael in this case were dropped Oct. 29, 2014.


A drug deal gone awry Sept. 21 resulted in robbery, kidnapping and threats of murder.

Roberto Julian Raphael was arrested and charged with three felonies — armed robbery with a deadly weapon, kidnapping, possession of a controlled substance — and two misdemeanors — possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and use of drug paraphernalia.

On Sept. 20, the victim was at a party in The Flats and met the suspect, who said he wanted to buy marijuana. The victim told the suspect he knew where to get “the good stuff,” so they exchanged phone numbers and planned to meet the next day. The UNFPD report notes that the victim flashed the money in his wallet during the party.

The next day, the suspect contacted the victim and met him around 8:15 p.m. at the Osprey Clubhouse and they went to a room in Village D together.

The victim showed the suspect the marijuana he had. When the suspect asked if the victim had change for $100 and the victim got his wallet, the suspect pulled a black semi-automatic handgun, held it to the victim’s head and took about $450 from him.

He led the victim to The Flats at gunpoint to meet another marijuana dealer and told him if he made any noise or tried to alert police, he would kill him. The victim was at gunpoint the whole way to The Flats.

The suspect led the victim to The Flats at Kernan at gunpoint to meet another marijuana dealer. Photo by Blake Middleton
The suspect led the victim to The Flats at Kernan at gunpoint to meet another marijuana dealer.
Photo by Blake Middleton

The two met with the second dealer, who offered the suspect two ounces of marijuana for $440. The suspect refused the deal and returned to the Village with the victim, arriving at about 9:45 p.m.

The suspect then forced the victim to delete all texts and numbers from his phone and text his driver’s license information to the suspect. He told the victim that if he talked, he would shoot him in the leg.

A witness came forward on Sept. 21 to notify the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, who then notified UNFPD.

The victim was trespassed from campus and it was determined that the suspect should be taken into custody. UNFPD officers went to The Flats and got permission to enter and search the suspect’s apartment and took Raphael into custody.

A JSO detective arrived and took the handgun, which turned out to be a BB gun, into evidence.

Sgt. Mark Milton with UNFPD said the BB gun was made to look like a real gun with a real weight and size.

During the search, they also found .9 grams of what the officer believed was marijuana, two pipes with marijuana residue, rolling papers and a bag of pills identified on the scene as containing amphetamine. They also found one empty shell casing and one loaded 9mm cartridge. The property section of the UNFPD report also lists 14-18 grams of marijuana belonging to the victim.

The suspect was advised of his Miranda rights and gave a full written confession. He was taken to the Duval County Pre-Trial Detention Facility without incident and trespassed from UNF.

As of today, Raphael has not been released from jail and is listed as not eligible for bond.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Inmate Information website, Raphael’s ID number is listed under three previous arrests. He was arrested on July 31 for two counts of petit theft of retail less than $100 and one count of petit theft of unspecified items less than $100. He was also arrested on Aug. 20, 2012 for resisting an officer without violence, making threats and trespassing.

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