GOLFPLEX being investigated


Despite the many steps UNF is taking to become more green, the university has recently asked an environmental consulting company to compile a report for the St. Johns River Water Management District after the university reported itself to the district because a small portion of protected lands may have been damaged, said Teresa Monson, a spokesperson for the SJRWM.

ESI Inc.’s report will be sent to the district by mid-January. From then on, it’s in the management district’s hands, said Sharon Ashton, a spokesperson for UNF.

Though are many alternatives to fines, after reviewing the reports the district could choose to fine UNF up to $10,000 a day, Monson said.

Repeat offenders are more likely to receive fines, she said.

But there is also a chance that UNF doesn’t have a fine at all.

Planting new trees could be a possible penalty, she said.

And it’s not UNF’s first time around the block. In 2008, UNF was cited for clearing protected wetland but was not fined.

The damage was done at UNF’s GOLFPLEX near Kernan Boulevard on the south side of the campus.

Ashton did say the university self-reported the problem but did not admit it was a violation.

The district will review the report submitted by UNF, but may also send experts independent of the report to review the GOLFPLEX, Monson said.

McCumber Golf maintains the GOLFPLEX, who signed a 20-year contract with UNF.

Attempts to reach McCumber Golf by press time were not successful.