A Bladder’s B.F.F.: RunPee app for iPhone


Because a monstrous fountain soda might be the ying to the yang of attending a box office flick (c’mon, the large is only 50 cents extra), it’s inevitable that right during the much-anticipated climax your bladder starts to pulsate and beg for relief … or should I say release.

Either you rush to the over-crowded restrooms and miss out on the scene-of-all-scenes or your kidneys scold you afterward with pain and long-term effects. 

Luckily, Dan Florio aka polyGeek crafted a brilliant new iPhone app that notifies you exactly when the most perfect time to skip out and deal with all of that Cherry Coke is during most films.

It works by using a timer that viewers press at the start of the movie. Once you skedaddle out of the darkness to take care of business, it provides you with a short plot summary of what anticlimactic scene you’ve missed.

The app exists as a byproduct of the Web site Runpee.com and includes a feature that lets movie buffs know if staying through the credits is worth it. 

Currently, it’s for sale at the Apple App Store for 99 cents.