UNF graduate Tracy Darakis is eliminated from ABC’s The Bachelor in Week 3

Avery Harter

Graphic by Austin Branham
Graphic by Austin Branham

UNF alumna Tracy Darakis’ time on ABC’s The Bachelor came to an end Monday, Jan. 19. Week 3 of the reality show consisted of a dinner date with special guest Jimmy Kimmel, a farm-themed relay race and crashing a wedding. On this special episode of The Bachelor, comedian and nighttime television host Jimmy Kimmel assisted host Chris Harrison in creating the date cards for the contestants and bachelor.

Darakis was invited on a group date with 11 other women. The date card read, “Are you ready to meet some real party animals?” Darakis, along with the other women, participated in a race that included shucking 15 ears of corn, grabbing and cooking an egg from a chicken pen, milking goats, shoveling manure and catching a greased pig. Darakis made it past the first round of corn shucking, but disappeared when the competition moved forward to goat milking.

Following the relay race, the women and Soules enjoyed a cocktail party where contestants spent more time getting to know each other. It seemed Darakis didn’t catch Soules’ attention for some alone time during the shindig.

While at the final group activity of the episode, a pool party, Darakis was not seen making any efforts to make a connection with Soules. After giving out his final rose, Soules said goodbye to Darakis and two others, trimming the number of contestants to 15.

“You have some good girls here. They are awesome,” Darakis said as she hugged Soules goodbye.

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