UNF fined for violating environmental laws


The St. Johns River Water Management District fined UNF $2,999 for breaking environmental laws at the GOLFPLEX.

Environmental Services Inc. released a report Jan. 19 which shows how UNF violated laws which protect the natural landscape of certain areas inside the GOLFPLEX.

The report was then sent to the district for review.

After more than 10 weeks of review, the district sent a letter to UNF last week informing them of its decision of a $2,999 fine.

Chris Wrenn, UNF associate general counsel, said he is passing the fine over to McCumber Golf Inc. who has a maintenance contract with UNF June 2021.

“This isn’t a huge fine,” Wrenn said. “It’s not as bad as it could have been.”

UNF has 10 days to pay the fine.

In addition to $2,999 fine, UNF must also pay a $209 fee for administrative costs.