Inside the Huddle: Oct. 5, 2015


Graphic by Caitlyn Broyles
Graphic by Caitlyn Broyles


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Osprey basketball tips off the 2015-2016 season on Nov. 13. What do the “Birds of Trey” need to do to make another NCAA tournament run?

Christian Ayers: Minimize turnovers. The Ospreys averaged 12.5 turnovers per game in 2014-2015. So if UNF can control the ball and continue to drain threes, they might have a chance to surpass their “best season ever”.

AH:  “Birds of Trey?” Is that really what we’re going with? Anyway, last year we let the moment get to us. This year we should still have the talent to make it back and maybe make it past the first four now that it isn’t foreign territory for us. Plus how can we lose when we have that amazing marching band guy?

JS: The “Birds of Trey” need to continue to shoot the basketball well from behind the arc while having great defensive presence on the other end of the court.

If you could choose a professional athlete to be President of the United States, who would you pick and why?

CA: I think that Peyton Manning would make a very effective leader no matter what team, or political party he is on. It’s too bad congressmen are more stubborn than your average NFL wide receiver.

AH: Ronda Rousey, that way we could pull the troops home and just send her to fight instead. She would wipe out every terrorist on earth in an impressive 14-30 seconds!

JS: Richard Sherman would be a great President of the United States. He is intelligent on and off the field and has charisma.

It’s never too early for a Super Bowl prediction. Which team do you think will win Super Bowl 50?

CA: I am a Chicago Bears fan so I’m cringing as I type this, but I’d have to say the Green Bay Packers are my early pick to win the Super Bowl. Sans an Aaron Rodgers injury, I think they’ve got enough magic to make another championship run.

AH: Um, the Jacksonville Jaguars? Seriously, who else would it be?

JS: The Denver Broncos has the win all the way. Watch out Tom Brady.

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