Brief:Parking Services passes unpaid tickets to collection agencies


UNF Parking Services plans on implementing a new system which would hand over pending campus parking citations, issued to anyone who has previously been associated with the university (faculty, staff, alumnus, etc.), to a collection agency, in which the agency would then conduct the necessary due process.

Director of Auxiliary Services Vince Smyth said the new program would start in about six months.

Smyth maintains the program would produce a more efficient collection procedure for over-due parking tickets. The process would begin by sending previous UNF affiliates a letter containing their due(s); if the payment’s remain stagnant the letters are sent to a collection agency.

Smyth said this installment permits fairness to those members who follow the rules and do not receive citations.

For clarity, those who have outstanding fees, but are currently still affiliated with UNF; this installment will not affect you. But it would be wise to pay any fines before departing, so that this does not become a problem for anyone, Smyth said.