People of UNF: School Spirit and UNF Pride

Jenn Mello

People of UNF is a chronicle of students, faculty, university staff and visitors. As the Ospreys basketball team moves forward in hopes of winning the Atlantic Sun championship, we asked students what they enjoy most about the games and how much school pride they have. 

Interviews conducted by Jennifer Mello

Brett Burton

Brett Burton: “I go to the basketball games because I have a lot of love for UNF. I love our team and I love our school. I want to go out there and support them so we can go and win the championship game again.”


Brittany Patt

Brittany Patt: “SWOOP! I love UNF. I go to all the games and think it’s the best part of the school.”


Amanda Rodgers

Amanda Rodgers: “My favorite Ozzie the Osprey move is when he picks up his waist and pelvic thrusts it around!”


Mara Rasumoff

Mara Rasumoff: “I like to show school spirit by attending basketball games instead of reading about them later, and also by getting hyped for the game by hanging out with my friends at the tailgates.”


Gloria Turner

Gloria Turner: “I’m really excited that we are almost about to make March Madness. It makes me really excited and proud to be an Osprey. UNF is the best school ever and I can’t wait for everyone to see that.”


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