People of UNF: Game Day Edition

Jenn Mello

Although the Ospreys lost against the Florida Gulf Coast Eagles, there’s still hope. If Stetson wins Sunday, the Ospreys will go to March Madness in their place, due to a postseason ban. But for now, here are some students that are keeping up that Osprey Pride for the Game Day edition of People of UNF.

Interviews conducted by Jennifer Mello.


Zachary Gibbs
Zac Gibbs is a senior studying criminal justice.

“I love supporting our team because it makes me feel like I’m getting the full college experience. It helps me meet people and really just have a great time supporting something I care about. I’m here 5 days a week getting my education but I’m also here having fun supporting a team that’s going to do something special for our school.”


Victoria Bonadio
Victoria Bonadio is a freshman studying finance.

“I think that everyone should be excited for all of the basketball games because they are the highlight of the week!”


Paola Lorenzo
Paola Lorenzo, is a junior studying public relations and international studies.

“My favorite part about the basketball games is when we all swoop together after a free throw!”


Jordy Gross
Jordy Gross is a sophomore studying nursing.

“I think that everybody should come out here to these basketball games because supporting your team and your school is a big part of keeping this spirit alive. To make the team proud and to give them the energy to win.”


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