News in Brief Sept. 1, 2010


General Meeting for the finance, investment societyThe UNF Finance and Investment Society (FIS) will have a general meeting Sept. 1 at 9 p.m. in the Student Union, room 3703. Check out for more information about the organization and what will be happening the rest of the year.

Board of Trustees to meet to discuss tuition, student fees

The UNF Board of Trustees will meet Sept. 2 at 10 a.m. at the University Center. The BOT will discuss schedule of tuition and fees regulatio,n as well as a presidential evaluation and compensation.

Obama says US combat involvement is finished in Iraq

President Barack Obama declared the U.S. combat role in Iraq is over after seven years during a televised address to the American people. Obama has been a strong advocate against the war in Iraq and said the U.S. has suffered greatly from the costs of the war.

“We have met our responsibility,” Obama said. “Now it is time to turn the page.”

Obama said the ceasing of war efforts in Iraq will allow the U.S. “to apply the resources necessary to go on offense” in Afghanistan.

Obama hopes the U.S. can take new steps to end the war in Iraq.

“Indeed, one of the lessons of our effort in Iraq is that American influence around the world is not a function of military force alone,” Obama said.

Obama said he is keeping around 50,000 troops in Iraq for support and counterterrorism training, and the final troops are not set to leave until later in 2011.

compiled by Tyler White