Counseling Center joins social media

Emily Bailey

The Counseling Center is adding a Social Media and Technology Coordinator to their staff in an effort to better connect with students. The center offers a variety of services, but this endeavor goes beyond scheduling an appointment at the office.

With the help of Steven Montesinos, who is taking this new position, the Counseling Center is operating on multiple platforms of social media that are accessible anytime, anywhere.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 10_19_04 PM
Graphic from UNF Counseling Center

“The position of Social Media Coordinator came about as a result of our our own desire to really want to focus on other ways to connect with our students, especially through social media and really ramping up our online presence,” Montesinos said.

Pinterest is currently their most popular social media account. There’s pinboard options of a wide range including: alcohol and substance abuse, veterans, stress, or LGBTQ. There’s an encouragement board if you need a quick pick me up or motivation board if you need something to get you going.

The Counseling Center’s newest account is their YouTube channel. They’ve started releasing videos to help students better understand what counseling is. The staff hopes the videos give students a chance to get the know the counselors before setting foot in their office.

One goal for the heightened social media presence is to fight the stigma associated with mental health. As long as students have a smartphone handy, they can access the Counseling Center’s social media pages and get a bit of virtual help.

Students who are interested can find the Counseling Center on Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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