Political clubs on campus support their party’s candidates


Audrey Carpenter

UNF’s College Republicans and College Democrats are strongly supporting their parties respective candidates, despite the unfavorable public opinion centered around the upcoming election.

With the possibility of Hillary Clinton, a woman president, or Donald Trump, a complete political outsider, this year’s election will be historic, and things are getting heated.

Jordan Wilson, president of the College Republicans, said that his club participated in a “Stump the Trump” debate where they held a debate between Trump supporters, his dissenters and undecided members at a club meeting.

“By the end of it the majority of our club members went either from being opposed or undecided to supporting him,” Wilson said. “It showed that out of the facts that we all threw into the whole pile that we are right in the decision.”

Kaley Slattery, junior english major and member of College Republicans believes Trump will find support through the interest groups he caters to.

“There are a lot of pro-2nd amendment people that are very passionate about their guns,” Slattery said.  

In regards to Trump’s rough personality and unguarded racist comments, Wilson warned against over analyzing.

“He’s been saying a lot of things that aren’t politically correct…I would say to over analyze them would be a waste of time.”

On the Democrat’s side, Warren Butler, president of the College Democrats, finds just as much support for Clinton as the College Republicans have for Trump.

“We are the official voice of the Democratic Party on UNF’s campus and Hillary Clinton is the nominee of the Democratic Party and we support her wholeheartedly,” Butler said.

Jordan Phillipps, junior biology and chemistry major, and member of UNF’s college democrats believes Clinton’s policies are what will win her votes.

“I appreciate Hillary Clinton’s pro-choice policy because it gives women control in their decision making,” Phillipps said.

When asked about Clinton’s email scandal, Butler believes the club, and Democrats in general, found it unfortunate, but it does not affect their support for her.

“In the entire scope of her political career and accomplishments it’s minute.”

Both clubs plan to rally support for their candidates around campus by registering as many voters as they can before Nov. 8.

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